18 Apr 2012

Be Specific when giving instructions

My living room upstairs is often a mess, well, more than often. What can I say...there's so little time that if I spent all my time cleaning up and down, I'd have no time to do all the necessary things I do each day. Well...anyways, this time it was really a mess with children's things on sofa, under the table, on  the sides of the hall, just in almost every corner and side. So I pushed everything to the center and told my children "Pack or I'll throw everything away!" I'll let the picture do the telling. But I learnt an important lesson, to be more specific when giving instructions. haha..

Nel and Jo has been bugging me to do this Eggsperiment, where you light a fire, put in the bottle and quickly put an egg on top of the opening. We've come across this experiment many times, but never bothered to do it. Well we finally had an empty glass bottle and decided to try it. Only thing is this bottle has a rather long neck, not very ideal for this experiment where you have to get the egg into the bottle. Still we had a go. Because of it's long neck, it took a lot of fire in there before the experiment succeeded.

But alas, because of it's long neck and narrow opening,.....here's what happened to the egg. :)

 Cool right. :)   Now, let me go clean up. P.s Did I mention, I also have the smell of vinegar stinking up my house coz the kids have got an egg in that too so they can do the second part of the eggsperiment.



gail said...

Oh, boy. Interesting experiment.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Oh..note to myself to be specific also. Your drawing is so cute. hehe.

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