19 Apr 2012

Releasing butterflies

Today we headed to the Science Library as all our books were overdue. While there, the girls begged and begged to visit the little butterfly farm there. It's been a while since we visited, so I relented and we went. Girls have come to love butterflies, especially since seeing our own little caterpillar transform into a butterfly some months ago, (read it here)  and they've been bugging me to start a butterfly farm at home, in our teeny garden. (Nel's research to be).

I noticed that there weren't many butterflies, except for some old ones. After studying a few, especially looking at how butterflies use their proboscis to get nectar, I decided to leave (my children reluctantly though). It's by a wonderful timing, that as soon as we put one foot out of the exit door, someone called my children "Dik, mari lepaskan butterfly." (child, come release butterflies). I called my kids back, and we saw the staff there bringing in at least 100 new butterflies, wrapped up in thin paper envelopes, waiting to be released. Apparently butterflies can be kept in paper from 1 to 3 days.

So happily, my kids and I released these beauties. We released more than 50, but sadly, among these were many dead ones who didn't make it. As I opened each envelop, I felt joy releasing the strong ones, but such sadness whenever chancing upon a dead one. There was even one, that flapped its wings several times and then died. Still... we were thankful for the joy and opportunity to release the ones that survived.

For the first time, I'd like to apologize for bad photos. I never expected to visit, so didn't bring a camera except my old handphone. (I don't have a modern handphone coz I refuse to be bounded to one!) So here, blur pictures for today.

Unwrapping the envelope with a butterfly in it
Some butterflies wait a while before flying, some fly out immediately with great energy

This one landed on Jo's hand for a while before taking off
A butterfly on Nel's finger. How lovely to hold such beauty

So many species we saw today. Here's one I set free.

Nel let several of these free. She loves this species, they look like flying tigers she said. :)
Some don't make it.  :(

Another beauty I released today.


marie said...

What a fun day, those butterflies are beautiful.

I am learning to take my camera EVERYWHERE, because the days I don't have it are always when I want it the most.

gail said...

What perfect timing you had! You and the girls deserved to have this happen to you today. I told you I wish you blessings!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Where's this Science Library? I think the lady can read your thoughts and lucky you all got to release the butterflies!

Mini Mocha said...

I love that you can do that, beautiful aren't they, sad the ones that didn't make it, but you were there at just the right time weren't you. I think a butterfly farm is a fantastic idea!

Martha said...

Yes all...it was certainly special timing that we saw this. :)
Carolyn: The Science library is near Hartamas. You can google Pusat Sains Nasional.

eddiesherene said...

but...why were they in the paper?


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