31 Mar 2016


We've been outdoors a lot, mainly for our survival project...(mentioned two posts before), scouts, and archery.

But for relaxation...we've only done two this year.

1) Our favourite picnic spot with Uncle W!  Honestly nothing better than BBQ by a stream...soo relaxing! Need to do  this more often.

2) Camping- Genting with friends/scouts.
Lots of fun for kids, followed by a heavy rain at night! I tell you, nothing like trying to cook over campfire under light rain....followed by heavy rain that drenched most of the kids' tents!!

Not camping related....a Bulbul nest on our tree again. Precious!! :)

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Divoo said...

Hi Martha! Been so long that I read about your adventures and saw the lovely pictures! Now that I am a mother of two, I find it hard to find time for myself and my blog. Will catch up gradually.

Camping is fun! I've done it only once last Summer and it was a great experience. Barbecues, long walks, looking at the stars... you don't want the experience to end! :)

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