31 Mar 2016

Volunteering so far 2016

We've been volunteering...because volunteering is rewarding and a nice change from our schedule.

1)We helped out recently at the Turtle Conservation Society Booth during the Raptor Watch. Girls made a little Turtle and Ladder game for the public, in hopes that those who played it would realize how hard it is for a turtle hatchling to survive, thus we all have to help in conservation.
                             Quite a lot of children came by and took the challenge. :)

2) Twice a month we travel about an hour and a half to go teach English to a group of children who can barely understand English. Nel especially is really into it and looks forward to each trip. Jo is more of my assistant, helping when I require additional help with kids who are weak in pronunciation, and she also helps out with conversational English. It's an awesome experience that we plan to continue with faithfully.

Part of our journey, by boat.

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