31 Mar 2016

Some random art from this year so far

Most art here...will be mine and Jo's. Nel doesn't really do art, although she will occasionally doodle and design.

Hand painted an old brown chair. Scraped and polished and painted it. Good as new now. :)

 A wooden bench made by Jo with a little help from her dad and Nel. Mostly done by Jo.

I dreamt a strange dream. Bout old friends...sharing conversation..laughing at their wrinkles, allowing their white hair and wrinkles to blend in with a checkered quilt. Let's hope I age as gracefully as the ladies in my dream did. :)

At the request of Prof Chan, we met up with her and did a few pieces of Batik Collage to help raise funds for the Turtle Conservation Society.

Nel made a card....picture of work in progress.

Jo's of course, always has a mermaid in it.

On a tired day...I decided to try painting a 3D garlic for fun...with watercolour. Not bad for a first try??

Nel tried placing a real garlic on my pencil sketch. Cool effect. :)

Couldn't resist a bit more fun.

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