2 Jun 2016

Grandpa's birthday

We had a special birthday celebration for dad's 70th birthday. It was a gathering of family and our closest friends. Both Nel and Jo choreographed two dances together with their cousins. Rock around the Clock (which they made everyone dance) and Wind Beneath my Wings. The second was a really touching and beautiful performance. At the end of the dance they held up cards with the message, "Ah Kong, You are the Wind beneath my wings." Then they all ran and surrounded him with hugs.

Girls doing the Rock around the CLock dance before changing into beautiful dresses for the second dance.

Jo baked a cake for her beloved grandpa. Though she's a beginner, she did it well. It was moist chocolate cake with cream and deco all done by her.
Certainly they really love their grandpa, and they are blessed because he loves them even more.

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