31 Mar 2016

Some highlights from 2016

With the girls in preteen and teen years now, there seems to be so much more activities, and so little time left to blog. Whatever free time I've left, is spent vegetating doing nothing, resting, reading, or perhaps doing a little art.

Trying to catch up on blogging is tough. Just some highlights from this year so far:

1) Girls have been baking a lot, sometimes having little challenges with each other or a friend.
Sweet Potato Kuih which girls made for Chinese New Year. Turned out great!! :)

2) Together with two good friends, they're doing a cool but slow going survival project. All self learnt... with a little help from Mr. Google. We learn it is hard going experimenting with survival stuff. Easy when someone shows how it is done. Hopefully we get somewhere with this.
Stuff girls and friends have tried so far:

  • Starting lots of fires of course.
  • Whittling to shape a fish hook
  • Making pancakes from nuts with nothing but rocks to pound
  • Smoking fish to preserve
  • Making an axe
  • Boiling water with nothing but mud and hot stones

Girls built a tripod, and attached rope to dry fish which they cut cleaned and fillet. With lots of patience, it turned
out quite tasty! (though we burnt one or two.)

Yup...it is tough going as they've realised. NOthing is easy without practice.

3) Jo after bugging me for years about archery began lessons this year and has finished her first cycle. After three months of classes and still lovin it, she decided to part with her Chinese New YEar angpow money to get herself a brand new bow!! Oooh yeah!

4) Girls participated in Science fair...and won one of the Best Booth Award. The other award went to their good friend K. In all fairness, I think all the kids at the fair were fantastic! Homeschool rocks!!
Girls worked hard on their project, The Science of Fragrance. Since it is a project that takes time, patience and persistence...it wasn't always easy going. Lots of mistakes, redoing, and stuff that went wrong. Lots of learning and going into related information. Perhaps, I'll let them write a post on this another day.

to be continued.......

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Divoo said...

Your girls are learning in ways a school can never provide! The project looks great. I helped San do a project last week. It was her first. She did a fine job. Next time, I'll help her less. :)

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