4 Jun 2015

Making Mobiles (Workshop) in Janda Baik

What a lovely day at Janda Baik. We were invited for a children's art workshop conducted by Carolyn J Lau on making mobiles...not mobile phone, but hanging mobiles. We love doing art, but art in the outdoors is best of all.

The workshop was conducted here in Tanahrimba, in a really lovely house. 

Carolyn talking about mobiles. Jo paid close attention, while Nel preferred exploring the area and playing with the lovely Retriever there.

The children on a walk looking for nature items to hang on their mobiles.

Jo decided to make her mobile out of branches found on the walk. At first she found it difficult carving the bark off the branch but soon got very used to it and actually enjoyed it. She thinks she'll love whittling, so would like a whittling knife.

My dear cousin and twins came along with us, and that was nice so I had company throughout the drive and through the day. :) 

Very focused on whittling. 

For lunch, the children had delicious Carbonara, while we adults feasted on Curry chicken and ulam/vegetables spiced up with delicious dried shrimp sambal, all lovingly prepared by Latiffah. Dessert was Lat's moist Lemon Drizzle Cake. She takes orders for her cake, and you can pm her on her facebook page here -->Latiffah LH

A friendly visitor, a very very plump leech, dropped off in the middle of the workshop to visit (it dropped off the friendly Golden Retriever's leg) which distracted the children for a while. 

Jo's mobile, halfway done, made out of branches, bark, recycled tin cans and marbles. 

Another child's hanging mobile. Children had to find the
balancing point before tying parts together with nylon string. We were reminded
 to always start the mobile from the bottom up.

A really lovely and memorable day indeed.

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Divoo said...

The mobiles look really interesting! And what a great activity for the kids! Your pictures always manage to tell the story, Martha. :)

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