12 Jun 2015

StoryTelling Course with Anak Chintan

Early this year, Jo signed up for Anak Chintan Theatre's program - Living Stories. She really enjoyed each session, and looked forward to Fridays. They played lots of drama games and eventually prepared a story to tell for a Living Story Showcase on the 12th June. Some chose fables, some worked collaboratively, Jo chose to write her own story to present.

Here's the story she wrote and told,

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Darryll. His dream was to fly one day. Wanting to fly so badly, he began to experiment.
First he tried flying out a window with a huge paper kite, taped to his back. Lucky for him, his neighbours had left their trampoline outside and he fell right on it.

On his second attempt, he stood on the very top of his house, with chicken feathers in his hands. He had chased his mother's chickens around the house just to collect feathers. So he stood on top of his roof ready to fly. On the count of 2, the ceiling broke, causing a huge hole. He fell right through and landed on his own bed. That made his parents really mad.

On his third attempt, he lay flat on the floor with  a backpack. On his backpack was attached lots of balloons and birds. As he lay on the round, he was slowly  lifted up into the air, but the birds soon got tired of the burden and pecked all the balloons. So POP!POp! he fell through the same hole in the ceiling and again landed on his bed.
His mum was  very angry when she found all the birds in his room.

Finally his mother decided that she would take him on a holiday to soothe his restless mind. But on the way to Australia, he  grabbed his mum's high heels and smashed the plané's window and clambered out onto the plane's wings. It was very cold and the air pressure was high...Shocked he fell off the wings, down into the deep sea. Luckily for him, there was a beach nearby and he swam to shore.

It so happened there was a guy on the beach who came over to the boy and said, "Wow! YOu're excellent at diving! Would you like to join my daredevil club where we do all sorts of daredevil stunts such as parachuting and jumping from planes?"

The boy was so happy because it involved flying. So he said yes, and lived happily ever.

Photo taken from Anak Chintan's Page

She was pretty sad when the three month course concluded and has asked me to look for similar classes.

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