19 Jun 2015

Focus on the Family

Jo and I attended "Mother and Daughter Connection" by Focus on the Family Malaysia. It was a lovely program that lasted from 8am to 3pm. There were interesting talk sessions and little activities like writing each other letters, "get to know you better"sessions which included answering questions about each other and learning each other's love language. We also had a mini Amazing Race and our team came in first, yay! It was a great bonding session where Jo and I learned more about each other.

A little activity we had to do together....decorate the figure with rose petals and sequence.

Nel and hubby attended Father and Daughter Connection, which was a grand dinner at Tropicana.
I  heard they had great fun, doing stuff like decorating dad with cotton to create fake beard, photo booths, talks and games. At the end of it all, dads presented their daughters with rings (prepared by Focus on the Family). A lovely night.

Though events cause about RM180 per pair,  I highly recommend these great bonding sessions.

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