9 Mar 2012

Fri Art

After doing last week's collage for art, we decided on free and easy art today.
I started by mixing Acrylic paint and some poster colour with water and flour. (This was part of the fun for girls and I.)

We made different shades of colour. Tools for painting included tissue, sponges, salt, knives, toothbrushes, bottle spray and of course, fingers and hands.

I think the children loved doing this form of art coz there are no rules, and everything is acceptable. Just put everything on the paper however you like it kinda art. No wrongs, no rights. How liberating I think. :)

Here's Nel's art  , This was second attempt, as she didn't like her first. I thought it was beautiful though, but she plans on working more on it later, thus no picture. This second attempt was done with light shades of colour, carefully poured out so as not to create chaos. She added lots of salt particles in between. These will drop off to create nice spots of white, kinda like snowflakes patterns which she is crazy about.

Jo' ART She started with drawing a house with nice blocks of windows which she added using a square sponge. And then her extroverted self kicked in, and she started adding tonnes and tonnes of flour on her paper with dots of colours in between, covering up her house. She continued by pouring random colours on her flour to gel it all together, then swirling it with her fingers and scraping with knife. Thus her art below.

A video of Jo at work.

My Art
How can I resist painting with them. This was mine..."Forest Tree". Nel thinks it looks like something from Tinker Bell's Forest.


marie said...

I can't believe your daughter came up with Tinkerbell's forest, so imaginative. No rules art is the best!

gail said...

Young Jackson Pollocks!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

So beautiful! And children likes these kind of arts right?

BTW, have you got the clothes?

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