8 Mar 2012

Some Art and Poetry this week

We looked at some Picasso art, especially his collages and briefly discussed them. Then I gave Nel and Jo newspapers, old magazines and stuff and told them to do a piece of collage. By looking at the 2 pieces of art, I think you can tell their personalities apart.

This is Jo's. And really, she had more fun decorating the faces then doing the collage. Also, you should've seen the mess after she was done!!!! 

Also note...that during lunch break, she started singing "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid Cartoon. Only she sang "Sha lalalala....kiss the fish". Then she took that piece of fried fish from her plate and kissed it on its lips, followed by fake gagging sounds. That's Jo.

This here is Nel's art 80% done. I asked her to rate herself, and she gave herself a poor mark of 1 out of 10. I asked her to regrade it and she decided upon a 6 coz she did it all by herself. Nel has always liked patterns ever since a baby. She arranges things by colour and patterns. 

As for poetry this week, we worked on Cinquain.


Sticky, Round
Flipping, Flopping, Rolling
On the Circus Rope

 No. 2

Sharp and Pointy
For Writing Cursive Words
On a Piece of Greenish Paper
Hard Work!

Jo' Cinquain

 As for Science (Nel's Favourite Subject), we've started on Environmental Science today. We sat down reading about the ozone layer and how it's being affected by pollution. As we read Nel said "Stop, Stop! I can't take it anymore. Too much damage to the earth." We discussed that further. Now she freakish about stuff like Polysterene. Oh well.

She also read up on Babylon and found it interesting. So on her wish list of places to visit now are:
Great Wall of China, Babylon and another wintery place. I asked her why, considering we just got back from Korea.  She replied "Mum, I wasn't satisfied with the snow we saw. I wanted it to be like in the books I've read (she loves reading). I wish we could live in a cottage in the peaceful woods somewhere and come out to flurry, fluffy white snow all around the cottage, with rabbits and birds and delicous food."


Divoo said...

I love to see Nel and Jo trying out different forms of poetry! Always fun to read. :)

Jo's collage is super! :)

gail said...

The girls are so different; each one delightful.

Norlin said...

I love their collage! Their homeschooling activities are so cool and fun!

Martha said...

thanks Norlin. :) Not always cool and fun though. Lots of hard work in between too...

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