23 Mar 2012

Jo Learning about Snakes

Jo asked me if she could learn about snakes. So we decided to do a series on it. We've just started and to date here's some stuff we've done.

To begin, I asked her, "If you had questions, what would you want to know?" Then together, we read up to find answers to her questions, and with the information, she made this poster.

Jo plans to show this to her grandparents and cousins and has prepared a short presentation.

Till now Jo prefers to take down notes in the form of simple drawings.
Then we decided to do a bit of snake art, coz Jo needs a toy snake to demonstrate how snakes move. (Jo plans to tell her grandparents and friends about the 4 different ways in which a snake moves.)

 Jo painting her snake (made out of egg carton). She added sprinkles of sparkle to it. She says it's a California King Snake.

 Her snake on the tree!

Finally, early this morning, Jo put up a poster on her room door inviting me to a practice presentation by her, all about snakes. Here's an excerpt of her practicing for her presentation.

The Conclusion of her talk:

  Below are the questions that came immediately to her mind about snakes:

Q1) What type of snakes are there? Mum please print me a picture of all the types of snakes so I'll know which to run from.     
Q2)  How do Snakes Swim?     We watched the following  Video link and then discussed.

Q2) Why do they have scales? What are the scales for? 
Q3) Why do they harm people?

Q4) Asked by Nel who joined in..what's the snake's anatomy like? We looked at the following: Snake Anatomy

Q5) How do snakes move (we love the video below!)

6) Can I see a snake eating something big? 

Other things we looked at:  Definition of oviparous and viviparous snakes.


marie said...

My 11 year old loves snakes. We have a reptile store here in town and she is always asking to go and visit the snakes there.

gail said...

I loved hearing her precious voice!

Martha said...


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