1 Sep 2011

GCC Farm

What a lovely day we had. We started for Bentong early in the morn, and after a quick breakfast of beef soup noodles, we made our way to GCC Farm. It's a fairly new farm, with lots of work to be done. For right now they've got a little school going for OA children, a few goat pens, geese and chicken.

Just a few random shots below, followed by 2 videos of goats which I enjoyed taking. :)
Part of the OA school and dormitory

Random shot of flower found in their garden

 The area surrounding the farm, lovely and serene.

 We hiked up this slope...

 Then up this hill..

 Where I spotted this grasshopper (shaky shot I know..could've been better)

And this was the view from the top

We visited the goat pen, and this goat said "Yo mama..ain't I handsome or what!"

This one called out to me and said "yo mama...me likes you. You like me smile? I got nice teeth. yeah!"

and here's the same fella with his silly grin. hahaha..

And then em females came out and said "Yo mama leave our men alone and go find your own kind." hehe...

Video 1-Sneezing Goat.

Video 2- Testing goat reaction. hehehe..I had fun doing this, don't go thinking I'm mad now, coz i'm not..but just having fun. :) Enjoy.

Finally...the evening was wonderful. Unfortunately my battery went flat at this point. Spent a lovely time at Shahrul's Liberation Farm. My girls had a lovely time swimming upstream in an area near the duck pond. Water there is very clear and lovely. Certainly a refreshing treat after all the trekking in the morning. Dinner with lovely Shahrul and Jorg was wonderful. :)
That's all for today...signing out..~Martha.


cell said...

what gorgeous goats!! how sweet they look.almost makes me not want to eat goat ever again!

michiko said...

yes! we said silly billy goats!! and they are gentle animal, they likes you and pose on your camera ha ha ha
The photos are gorgeous.

martha said...

@cell I know Cell! I kissed em. So pretty! haha..:)
@Michi..goats are very pretty, and definitely gentle and sweet. They LOVE to pose! Want to eat my camera too!! haha

Kiddothings said...

Haha...you're crazy with the goats! They're so curious.

MJ said...

hahaha loved the comments on the goat's photo.

Carolyn lil' dahling said...

Hahahaha! No wonder they call it 'Senyum Kambing'. I really must go to this Bentong farm one day. I've been talking and talking about it to the hubby. He's still not persuaded. LOL. Btw, you guessed my picture correctly..clever you! You and Germaine both got it right..:)

Divoo said...

those are some great goat pix! i agree that they are good at posing.. i've had some experience :D

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