9 Sep 2011

StART Society "I believe" Concert Rehearsals

It's counting down 2 days to our very very first ever concert! Woo hoo!! The students have worked really hard at putting up a good show. Teachers have also worked extremely hard trying to put everything together. It's not so easy considering that we're trying to coordinate 8 houses (shelter homes) of children, their schedules, and rehearsal time. Today we had our first dry run and it was quite chaotic. Firstly housing so many children all at once was noisy business. Then coordinating the flow of the concert, holding up area, rehearsal area... woo...it was one big messy fun. :)

Well tomorrow we'll have a proper full dress rehearsal. Wish us all the best. If you can PLEASE come support our concert. I've said this before... most of these children do not have parents who will come watch them. So we're trusting and relying on you to come cheer these children. Will you be their "parent" for the night, encourage them, support them and support our cause. Make a difference. See you there, Civics Center P.J, 12th or 13th Sept 7:30pm. For more information please call StART Society at 79545423 or 0163911252.

Below a few video clips of rehearsals in progress..enjoy. :)

1) Teacher Tony and Little Stompers

2) Dance/Drama- Mad World

3) Little Break Dancer

4) I believe Dance. Check out the hand stands and cartwheels! :)


Divoo said...

that's a great initiative, Martha! all the best for the concert. will wait for its videos and pics. :)

Kelly L said...

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