19 Sep 2011


Oh my blog...how I've neglected you in recent days, which means..oh how I've neglected the usual activities with my children too,, since this blog's pretty much dedicated to stuff for my children to remember. haha... Things have been hectic, but it's all back to normal again now, that is, till Christmas comes around.

Faces....faces cross my mind each day after work, faces cross my mind before bed...faces of children..of children without parents..abandoned, rejected.. Children forced to defend themselves, sometimes forced to become aggressive and crude, and sometimes left to become so timid and extremely afraid of the world. That's what's been on my mind.

I once wanted to  be a Child Psychologist. I remember getting an acceptance into a university in New Zealand to do Child Psychology, but my mum, reluctant to let go of me at 17 kept me back, and I ended up doing music (which is also my passion). Not by coincidence, by the nature of my job today..indirectly, I've come to learn, and have been learning so much about children..specifically about children who have no real home. Blame it on PMS or mid age hormones, I've sometimes found myself
crying for them.

When I look at the statistics of abandoned children in Malaysia alone..I ask "What can I do?" Last weekend we took in 2 children. When I dropped them off after the weekend, many children at that home ran to the gate to take a peek at us. I wanted to bring them all home, but reality says, I can't, I've got limitations.

My dear husband looked at me and said "Remember the Starfish story? A boy once found thousands and thousands of starfish swept up to shore, left to dry and die. That little boy, wanting to rescue the starfishes, began throwing them into the ocean one at a time, to rescue them. A passerby came by, laughed and jeered at the boy and said "Are you crazy? There are thousands of starfish stranded, how could you possibly help?" The boy replied as he rescued one more starfish "Well, it made a difference to this one."

I was encouraged by that story. In the end, I conclude we cannot save the whole world, only God can do that.  What we can do is make a difference in the lives God has purposefully placed in our lives. I know, He has placed some of these children in my life. I can honestly say, I almost audibly hear His voice saying "Martha, this child, yes, this particular one, will you take him/her under your wing. Make a difference, love him/her as I would."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Divoo said...

Martha, thanks for reminding us that we should give all that we have to the one we have :)

Anonymous said...

When I read about child abuse and neglect, I always feel sick to my stomach. How anyone could harm I child, I will never understand. When my children are grown, I'd like to be a foster parent and help these children find true love and security.

Martha said...

you have a great heart SM :)

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