25 Dec 2014


I love Decembers. It's always a time of rest for us. Time to enjoy cool rainy days, evening walks, ice cream and rest.

Rest brings out creativity.....and last December the girls and I made lotsa things. Here are some of the craft we made.

A yarn doll, totally made of yarn from inside out, except
for the beaded hair. To make this you begin by using the yarn to create a squishy centre,  knot around it.  Then you go around the squishy centre with the yarn and keep rolling, head first. Lots of online tutorials.

We looked up online tutorials and knitted our first ever dolls. Pretty good for first try don't you think?

We made bread dough again, and used them to create Christmas figurines.

Since there was extra, Jo decided to experiment with them. She stuck this dough to my hand,
applied make up foundation, and coloured the center with red ink. Looks pretty good eh. )

Can't believe it, but I actually knitted!! First time ever. By the time my hair is fully white and my glasses are falling off my nose, I should be professional at it. :)

I also mustered enough courage to cook this for family and friends.
Heng Hua Meesua, recipe passed down from my mother in law. :)

Even our dear cat Rameses got lotsa good outdoor exercise! 

It's so strange but now whenever we take our dog on a walk, the cat comes bounding after. 

Finally, nothing like a good kite flying day with grandpa at the beach.

Love Decembers.

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