13 Jan 2015

Bali -Ubud- Part 5

 To get more of Bali, we found a dance teacher who was willing to come by Ani's Villa to teach us Balinese dance. She spent about half hour putting on beautiful sarongs and scarves on us. Sarong wrapped tightly around us, we (especially the girls and friends) had to suddenly become demure, gentle ladies walking only in small steps. :)  The dance wasn't easy as we thought, and it took almost an hour for us to get the routine, that too, not perfectly. Moving the head and eye bit was really tricky! I think instead of looking pretty with the eye movement taught, we would've freaked people out if we performed. Well, we had the dance teacher in stitches! haha

Dance session over, we packed, and sadly the children said goodbye to Ani's Villa which became our second home in Ubud. We headed for a delicous lunch at Murni's Warung. The place is surprising. From the outside it looks small. But step inside, and there are steps descending, and different levels for patrons to dine in.

Following lunch, we made a slight detour to visit our friends in Bambu Indah. Such a beautiful serene place, tucked a distance away from Ubud's town centre.
Came across whale bones

a really really really high tree house at Bambu Indah

Scenery from our friend's unit at Bambu Indah
Finally we bid farewell to our friends whom we hung out with in Ubud, and headed south towards the beach. To be continued........................

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