23 Dec 2014

Bali Ubud's Writers Fest Part 4

Hubby, bro and nephews set out on a 40 km cycling trip down a volcanic mountain early morning.
My dear sis in law helped me walk Jo to her A Tale of Mermaid  writing workshop, while I walked the older girls to their workshop in the opposite direction. On our way we stopped to look at temples, shops and children on their way to school. Some shots below from the morning scene.

I sat with the girls through their Stories Without Words workshop and found the lecture quite interesting. My first exposure to silent comics.

Later for lunch we met up with Jo and my sis in law, and had lunch at Ibu Oka. What can I say, it wasn't as good as I had imagined it'd be. it was just ok.

Dinner, we finally tried Bebek Bengil . A little on the pricey side, but food was ok. I liked the gado-gado. If you choose to go there, go right to the end of the restaurant and sit by the padi fields.

After our lovely dinner, we headed to Arma Museum to watch Oceania Under the Stars.

Ontosoroh, powerful depiction of the struggles of a lady/nation for freedom. Lovely, powerful voice.

William Barton on the didgeridoo.

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