23 Dec 2014

Bali-Ubud Writers Fest part 3

I will never get my entry on Bali done if I procrastinate....
Gonna shorten posts here and just do highlights from several days.....

Kids at another writing workshop Dream Aloud where they collaborated and wrote a story.

Meanwhile, my parents arrived, and so off shopping we went. Mum bought a ukelele and I bought a drum. On top of that we bought little souvenirs and vanilla pods.

In the afternoon, us ladies met up at Ani's villa, where Wayan Rana whom we met on the ridge walk was supposed to come teach us Balinese painting. Well, he didn't turn up, but sent his nephew.
So while the men baby-sat the children and took them to their workshops, us ladies chilled and learnt some Balinese art.

As for the men, after asking for the 100th time where the children's carving workshop would be and what time it would be, they set off in a van, three dads and 7 children. They found Pondok Pekak where the kids had their wood carving workshop, and I heard the men went looking for gelato. :)

 In the evening we regrouped over delicious dinner (sorry not one to take photos of food, coz i"m usually too busy enjoying eating!). After dinner, the kids went back with the dads again, while A and I went to catch Poetry Slam. There were some weird entrees and lotsa good ones, I enjoyed myself! What a day. :)


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