26 Jul 2012


 The picture on the left is something I briefly did using MrDoob.com. It is an  image that came to mind when I was self-searching and came across a book for mothers. The author asked "So how often have you been chopping others down with your words."

I pictured my children and husband as trees, and me, the mum who had the power of words in her tongue. My words could be used to encourage and lift my family up, or to chop them down swiftly with negative words.

Of late, I admit, I've been on the crankier side of life. Sometimes life seems to feel like me supporting a heavy blanket that will not lift off. As I get overheated under that weight, I let it out on the ones I love most. I let it out in negative words.

I'm thankful that, it's not taken me long to realise this, as I'm not comfortable with this part of me either. It is something that wasn't there before but is surfacing.,...thus the self searching. The above picture is not the original one I drew. In the original drawing with pencil, as I sketched, tears streamed down my face as I drew each broken branch, feeling the hurts that words can leave on a dear one. As I drew, I prayed, and asked that God would give me strength to use my tongue wisely.
May the words I use encourage those I love.  May I use words to build my family, that they may feel confident and proud of themselves, that they may face the world with joy, and not a downcast spirit.

I know, all this has to begin with me. But I alone cannot change, I cannot support myself. So, actually, it all boils down to me, leaning on my Rock, my Maker, my God. I know, without God, it is not possible for me to fulfill my duties of a mother, wife and teacher with joy. But I know, with Him it is possible. As a dear friend who talked with me said, "time to slow down, and seek His face...to dwell in God.."  Indeed, only in God can one find solace, comfort, peace, wisdom, joy and strength.

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gail said...

So beautifully worded and so reflective of what I live, too. Bless you, dear one, as you seek His face.

Divoo said...

you've put a reality nicely into words, Martha... yes, there's this part of us that gets unleashed at times and does some damage. we really need to use our tongue wisely, especially in front of our children... May God help all of us to do so!

Martha said...

Thank you dear ladies. Must blog bout realities too, to remind myself from time to time what I've learned and determined to change. :)

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