13 Jul 2012

Home Art

After a break from art (due to busy Fridays), we resumed home art today. During the last few classes we focused on lines and curves, and I thought it'd be nice now to move on to shading.

I got the lesson plans from http://www.drawspace.com/ , which has great lesson plans for drawing. We practiced various sorts of shading, using squiggles, hatching and cross hatching. (Forgive me if terms are not right...for I'm a musician by profession.)

1) First we practiced shading just four tones using 3 different strokes. Then we used squiggles to shade the iris of the eye.

Jo and Nel's work
a sample I drew while demonstrating to my girls

2)  Also following a lesson plan from page mentioned above, we reviewed how drawings are developed out of lines and curves. If you view the lesson plan, you'll note how the drawing of the alligator begins with just a simple oval shape and 2 circles. A step by step guide is given on the page.

 With this, we also tried drawing cartoons of other animals, just using basic shapes, and then adding details and erasing unnecessary lines. This class inspired girls to come up with their own cartoon illustration of animals. Will post pics next week perhaps.

The Children's alligator, based on instructions given on drawspace.com

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gail said...

Loving this!!!

Divoo said...

nice! :)

Martha said...

twas fun :)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Impressive! Now you're their art teacher. No need to send them for classes. Save your money. hehe. Do you teach them piano too?

marie said...

This is great! I am NO artist, so this is amazing to me.

Michiko Johnson said...

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I love to looking for the beautiful
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