2 Aug 2012

Volunteers in making..

 a mum is allowed to brag once in a while right? Just 2 weeks ago, Jo made a whole jug of lemonade for our family. After we'd taken our drinks, she charged us 50cents each drink! We were surprised, but she said "Mum, I've decided I want to raise funds for the poor. Every penny goes to them." So we paid up willingly. After selling to visitors and all, she made a mere $4.50. She asked, "What can I
do with this mum?"

I replied, "Well..another $10, and you could buy a pack of milk powder."
"Things are so expensive nowadays mum..." she replied, dejectedly. But as I write this now, she's not given up. She's in the kitchen actually attempting to bake her own oat cookies, which she is gonna sell to raise more funds. I'm proud of my lil girl who'll turn 7 soon.

As for my shyer girl Nel. Seeing the way she helped load and unload heavy stuff for the remote village made me proud enough. Her initiative and willingness to work hard is something worth praising. Not only that, she's been bringing stuff of her own because she wants to teach the remote children English. And she did teach them stuff last week.She may also begin volunteering on PKetam to teach English once a month. Yup...let me "brag" once in a while. I am proud of them.

But you know, this did not occur overnight. It started with me bringing them to Old folks home once a month, from the time they were toddlers. And then we started going into interior villages. And now, they on their own accord are beginning to want to reach out to help others. :) :) I'm beaming.
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marie said...

I love how she charged you AFTER you had drunk the lemonade. Smart girl.

gail said...

So very proud - of all of you!

Martha said...

hey Marie, she did the same to my guests too! served them, then charged them! haha..
G: thank you. These are lil steps in life, and I hope these values will last. :)

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