11 Jul 2012

Kids baking potatoes, as a baby tailorbird chirps in our garden

 My children have been begging to cook again, but with daily rushing, we never get around to it. Today we did. They flipped through a few recipe books and it was decided that today Nel would get the chance to choose the dish. Since she just totally loves potatoes and cheese, of course, she picked a cheesy potato recipe.

I left them in the kitchen, and Nel and Jo worked on it. I just ate. Result of their attempt, pretty delicious. :)  :)

To summarize the recipe,
1)  basically first, whip together a can of chicken soup, mushroom soup, a cup of sour cream (we used yoghurt), green onions (sliced), half cup of milk, some pepper. Then add boiled potatoes (or hashbrowns). 
2) Sprinkle with Cheddar cheese and Mozarella cheese. Bake. Simple right?

Baked creamy and cheesy potatoes ready.

On learning, a few weeks ago we trekked and bird watched in Frasers and the kids decided they'd like to learn more about birds. Jo wrote a bird story after that. While reading up on birds one day, we heard a commotion outside in our garden. We saw a pair of tailor birds, one with a worm in its mouth, chirping non stop. We searched for a nest and discovered it in our garden! HOw exciting indeed!

A few days later, we noticed the nest quiet and spotted the baby bird on the wall. It was wonderful as we got to see it take its first few flights. Sometimes it'd drop to the ground. But eventually it began to fly short spurts from branch to branch, and then across the road. :)

Also found a fantastic book about birds at the library.

  For this week, we're learning and doing experiments with eggs. For instance, do you know how an egg is formed? We also looked at the contents of an egg, and it's nutritional content. The book  contains interesting experiments and projects in it. Will be continuing on this. :)

Finally before I end this post, a watercolour to depict Hunger, and how help can come from the most unlikely source. Bird wasn't done in detail. I got tired. But this picture has been in my mind for a while now. Hoping to do a better one when I'm more relaxed.

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Kudos to your children! How do you make them interested in so many things? You must be a good motivator. The baby bird is so adorable and love the painting as usual.

gail said...

Looks like a delicious meal.

Lessons from your backyard!

Your painting gave me a visceral reaction. Hurt.

Martha said...

hi Carolyn, I think, when children have more time, less tuition, they can become interested in many things. :) Cooking is top onlist for now. Lucky me. :)
G: I love lessons from my backyard..God sent, I'd say. :) The painting, your reaction..wow. Many would look at it and feel nothing. Your reaction tells a lot bout your heart G. :)

marie said...

I love that your kids are helping in the kitchen. I think it's important to start them young so they feel comfortable doing it on their own later on.

Martha said...

Yes, Marie. Actually we started young, and they've come to the point where they're already comfortable cooking on their own without me. :)

Divoo said...

your girls sure are very talented! *touch wood* loved what they cooked and loved what you drew. that bird plays quite an important role in that drawing...

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