14 Jun 2012

Jo's Bird Story (and bird pics from Frasers Hill)

After our recent trip to Frasers Hill where we went bird watching and looking for insects, Jo asked if we could study about birds.

Since I didn't have much material on me, except for the Frasers and South East Asia bird guide, we looked through some online sites and learnt just a little on birds today. We learnt the meaning of  Ornithologist, what they do, and ways that are used to trap birds for study. We also read a little about habitats, birds of South East Asia and read up about a few distinct species of birds.

Then we looked at some bird videos and poems about birds, and really liked a video featuring the Bobolink and its sound. Kids giggled and asked why the bird looked so incredibly cute and angry. :)

Well, inspired, Nel decided to write a poetry on birds (Still work in progress) while Jo whipped up a short story in a minute. Just sharing her very short story here, and her illustration. Hope you enjoy it. :)

There the above was done in a very few minutes. The lazy bird is the one with the red messy hair, while the hard working bird is blue and dressed in a tie. :)
To end, here are just a few of the many birds we spotted in Frasers Hill.
 Mountain Bulbul, Chestnut Capped Laughing Thrush (on top), lower pictures - Long tailed Sibia and Fire Tufted Barbet.

We also potted this bee feeding on a dead bird 

Yup, so the plan to continue with the bird unit, hopefully by building our own bird feeder, more bird watching, bird stories, flight etc.

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gail said...

Delightful story and pictures!

marie said...

I love your girl's drawings, so cute.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

I liked her story very much! Put a smile on my face..:)

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