5 Jun 2016

Science Co-Op Marine Creatures

This term at Science Co-op we've been studying about water creatures. For one of the classes, a parent bought frogs from a restaurant for the kids to dissect. Yeah these frogs were meant to be cooked (deep fried, or boiled in soup). A little grossed out by the idea at first, but eventually they got really hands on.

Female Frog..look at the eggs

egg through the microscope

During one of the sessions, kids played outside after class and rescued a Quail which had its legs tied up with plastic bags.
Apparently it was the grass cutter's, but the kids decided to rescue the poor bird by grabbing it and running with all their might to rescue the bird. It was quite hard untying the tight knots around its legs but the bird was quite calm and allowed us to help it. After  observing it a while and making sure it was fit to fly, we brought it to a forest area nearby and released it. What a wonderful adventure.
Video of the release below. Video taken by Nel.

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