18 Jan 2015

Bali -Sanur

Sanur is a little quiet town south of Ubud. The beach is clean, quiet with a long stretch for cycling. Temperature is lovely, and in the evenings when we were there, dipped to about 23C with strong cold winds.
What we loved most about the beach there is that it contains healthy sea grass, and we saw at least 10 different species of starfish. Beautiful ones!!

Nel and cousin enjoying a chat

At low tide, fishermen looking for shells

First ever green starfish we've seen! Beautiful!

We watched in silence as this slug/nudibranch?? slowly moved across our path, between the seagrass. Such grace and beauty. 

Kites in Sanur are LARGE! we watched some village boys fly this kite which must have been at least 30 feet long. The wind is Sanur is very strong, allowing these large kites to take off.

Lunch and dinner by the beach.....seafood there, oh soooo fresh, delicous and reasonably priced!!

The strong cool breeze made it reluctant for us to get back to the hotel and the kids played to their hearts content while the moon rose and shone over the ocean.

Early morning, kids decided to go out kayaking. Jo has always loved survival books, and thought it'd be easy to survive on a canoe/kayak alone. So I decided time to give them a go! Before booking I checked if the company had standby speedboats in case rescue was needed, and they did. So we booked 4 boats.

Hubby and Jo went first to give her a feel. Later Jo tried a solo kayak. She discovered that while books made it sound so easy, it was difficult for her to control her solo kayak against waves and tide which pushed her around!

Being a "mean" mum, I decided to let Nel (unexperienced, first time rower) and her cousin (equally unexperienced) to get their own boat. My thoughts, throw them in and let them figure out the physics of how rowing works.

Off the went, and soon their arms tired out. Current began carrying them further and further away. I watched, calmly still, trying to telepath them positive thoughts in hopes that they'll figure out how to control that boat against the currents. :P

As the currents took them further around the bay, I called on the boat man who promptly sent this speed boat to rescue them! haha......Actually dear hubby also went out on his kayak to rescue the girls. But without his glasses, he went in the total opposite direction!!! And the boat men had to send out a water scooter to call hubby back. That was the adventure of the day! hahaaa

As for myself, I rowed my little nephew out. Out in the deep,  I told him to look down, down into the clear waters. He freaked out and froze.....as I calmly talked to him, he began to relax. But unfit as I am, we didn't go out too far, or else the boat men might have had to rescue me too. ;)

There, now enough of Bali. I'm so behind on updating our activities. So much has come and gone.
Hoping for a wonderful 2015.

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feichai said...

As usual, lovely pictures and captions to go along with it. You should compile this into a HS booklet! Truth be told, we've been subscribing to your blog since before time and always got ideas on activities from you :-)

Martha said...

haha, thanks "Feichai!" what a name!!!! :P You're doing great yourself!! :)

feichai said...

Legacy nickname! Thanks! We try our best to provide for our kids but your ideas are fantastic!

Divoo said...

It's always fun to read about your trips and look at the lovely pictures! How have you been Martha? Long time since you posted here. I'm back in Houston again. :) Hopefully, I'm gonna be regular with my blog.

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