30 Oct 2013

Zoo Enrichment Studies

Nel signed up for several classes at the Zoo Negara, where she worked with a team of people to create an Enrichment program for an animal of choice. They chose to work on an enrichment program for an Orang Utan.

During the wonderful sessions in Zoo Negara under the guidance of Edwina,
- they learnt the basics of Research
-They learnt to observe animals and take important notes
- they got involved in animal husbandry (what an exciting thing to do, chopping food for animals and cleaning out cages!!)
- they designed enrichment program for the orang utan
-they had the opportunity to present their proposal before APE Malaysia
- They worked hands on in creating their enrichment - freezing fruits in ice blocks and sewing fruits into burlap sacks.
-They got to watch the orang utan's reaction to their enrichment program, which was positive! the orang utans loved the challenge of unwrapping food from the tightly sewn sacks.

All in all, an excellent program!!
Children presenting proposal to APE Malaysia

Nel came back to volunteer on a weekend at a booth to teach public about orang utans.

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