3 Oct 2013

Terrapin Release Sept 2013

I guess, we kinda fell in love with turtles when a friend brought us to Bentong Farm Sanctuary some years ago.

This year, my kids and I decided to adopt several terrapin nests to support conservation, and thus decided to attend the Terrapin release event. We went with two other families, and though we were just a small group, we were still treated to a very informative talk about turtles by Prof Chan Eng Heng. What a privilege. :)

Thanks Prof Chan for sharing about turtles and answering all our questions about turtles.
Pelf measuring terrapins and collecting weight data before the release. The kids initially wanted to help with this, but alas, became very distracted by the baby chicks in the backyard.

It was then time to transport the Terrapins to the river, and our children helped move terrapins into 2 large containers.

This top terrapin (with the dented shell) was adopted by one of our little friends. He named it Sweetheart, and he still misses it till today and cried buckets and buckets after releasing Sweetheart into the river.

Lifting the terrapins onto the lorry before proceeding to the river nearby.

Nel and the terrapin she adopted. It is a real tough and strong one! While all terrapins became still when turned upside down, this lil guy refused to lay still, but would struggle with all its might to turn back. See its little flipper touching Nel's finger.

Chen Pelf Nyok, the person heading the Terrapin Conservation effort in Kemaman giving a short speech, and  thanking her terrapin team for all the effort.  It's great to know that efforts have paid off, and the number of terrapins are increasing. Great job Gang Tuntung!

After the short speech ceremony, terrapins were  carried nearer to the river for release.

Jo and her little terrapin. They were reluctant to part with each other I think.

On your mark...ready....get set......Go!

Terrapins excitedly heading towards the river for their first taste of Freedom! We learnt that baby terrapins are carnivorous when young, but will turn full vegetarians when older. (hope I got that info right.)

Jo and Jo refusing to let their terrapins go. I stood near them and heard them saying lengthy prayers aloud for  their terrapins. Something about letting them survive, finding food, to be protected, long lives etc. I'm sure God heard their prayers. :)

After the release, everyone was treated to a feast of Malay food. Some of the adults went hunting for fresh paku (which we later had for dinner). The children kept thinking of the terrapins they'd released, happy for them, yet missing them.

Well, if you're keen on releasing terrapins, watch out for their announcement  on their facebook page, and sign up to receive their newsletters.
To Help in conservation, you can adopt a terrapin/nest, purchase Batik and other merchandise, become a member of TCS or simply donate to them. More information  can be found on 
Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia- Facebook
and  http://www.turtleconservationsociety.org.my/

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Divoo said...

Lovely little turtles! What a fun activity it must have been, Martha. I'm sure God heard Nel and Jo's prayers and will keep all turtles safe and sound and well-fed. :)

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