28 Feb 2013

Hari Kraf Kebangsaan

Sometimes we do things on impulse. Jo for instance woke up and just craved for roti canai today. And since I was feeling just so tired (though just morning), I agreed. After a nice breakfast, we got into the car, and  I decided, heck, let's not do school today.  I saw an advert for Hari Kraf Kebangsaan (Handicraft Exhibition) just yesterday on FB, so on impulse, we went.

We're just so glad we went. It's a huge exhibition, and we spent close to 4 hours there (including lunch which consisted of delicious Malaysian delicacies. )

Just very briefly, there were the artists galleries. We really enjoyed some of the art pieces, particularly the ones by Ajis Mohamad. We just watched him painting, and he told us how images of the turtles were embedded in his mind coz he knew the structure of these gentle creatures so well.

We then went on to watch artists that crafted beautiful art out of wood. The picture of the left below is a miniature kampung house. The artist told us it take takes him between 3 to 5 days to carve a house. Sometimes he places light bulbs inside to illuminate the house. Very pretty work. The owl on the right was done by a different artist who crafted larger sculptures.

We went on to the Batik section and oohed and aahhhhed at how beautiful some of the art work was, and too bad, I just didn't bring enough cash, or my kids and I would've walked away with some really awesome batik dresses.

Near the batik area, we found a workshop area where you could try your hand at weaving rattan baskets. This workshop will only go on till the 5th of March. So if you're keen on this, you'd better hurry.
Making the base of the basket

The lady who taught us was just extremely patient and kind. She just talked to us about the whole process of weaving, patiently taught my children and I. We really enjoyed the session with her. In the end, both Nel and Jo made baskets while I made the coaster.

Other stuff we came across was the  man below using metal to create pieces of art, some including religious writings in Arabic. We admired his patience!

Also the art of making Wayang Kulit. The puppets are made out of goat/cow skin.The artists designs his puppets, places it on the hide, and hammers away the skin bit by bit till a puppet is formed. So much work goes into it! Then he paints it using artline ink.The beautiful shadow puppets he made were going for between RM35-100, depending on size.

Other stuff at the exhibition include making rings, paper craft, food making etc. Just incredible indeed, definitely worth going!.

One comment my children made after the fair was "Mum, the people here are all so kind and friendly." Truly they were. The ones we talked to were people from places such as Kedah, Pahang, Kelantan, Seremban, all non city folks. Perhaps that's the difference eh?

p.s If going, best place to park is in the large parking lot beside Prince Court MEdical Centre. Just walk across the bridge to get to the exhibition. Remember to get your parking ticket stamped at any booth that has exhibition brochures for free parking. (Otherwise it is RM8).

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marie said...

Basket making is such an art, how fun that your girls got to see all the wonderful arts and crafts up close. We too always lose track of time in museums and such. So much to see.

gail said...

I disagree; you did have school today!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Was it crowded with people? It must be very interesting and exciting for you and your girls..:)

Mini Mocha said...

Wow what fun! Plenty of learning going on there I think, a good decision to go indeed.

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