19 Dec 2012

Revisiting Pulau Ketam

My children read this blog nowadays because they love reminiscing stuff they've done. So this blog is really becoming more for them. 

We had an early Christmas celebration on Pulau Ketam with the locals there. We went with good friends and cousins of course. :) It was a little hard for Nel and Jo to mingle and understand most of the conversation at the party, coz people there converse in Mandarin only. After the trip, they were both  more resolved to learn the language. (Hopefully this desire continues.)

Nel just loved the colourful houses, and wished ours was just as colourful.

Bikes are modified to fit as many passengers as possible. We've seen up to 6 people on one bicycle.
 After the party we went on a short walk to do a little field trip assignment (plus for a bite of that delicious fried ice cream. ) The assignment was to observe 10 things about the island that needed improvement, and 10 reasons why living on the island is a good thing. Reasons had to be supported with photographs. Of course, Jo and cousins went running totally ignoring the assignment while Nel and Lyd took it seriously. Looking forward to the presentation and photos.
Nel taking her assignment seriously.

We looked at this junk yard and were amazed at the collection of thrown away stuff. If you look at my old post you'll see picture of an older man working in the same place, cigarette in his mouth.
We decided that this was a horrid toilet (as most of the toilets on the island are). Slanting, and all it was, was basically a hole in the ground and all poop and pee goes straight into the river.
We were fascinated by the huge mud skippers,

and birds that live on the mangrove.

 Nel, wrote that on the positive side of P Ketam, dogs here have the freedom to roam, unlike on mainland where they're hunted and shot if found roaming.

We saw local children playing and thought, "How fun!. "
And we saw them swimming but thought "No WAY! Am I swimming in that dirty water." Yet we thought, what a closely knitted community they were, because you could just holler across at your neighbour and everyone could just dive in and swim to a common spot for fun and play.
This was the reason why we wouldn't swim there. And Lyd noted in her diary "They have no swimming pool but only dirty water to swim in!"
After our lovely walk,

we headed to the local restaurant for a really scrumptious, delicious 8 course dinner with friends and family. Yummm!!
We passed by this lonely lady. But we also observed groups of elderly citizens gathering over a cup of coffee and newspaper. Some over a game of cards (gambling) and decided that the elderly citizens here have somewhat a better life, coz they have good friends to pass time with, unlike elderly folks in the city who mostly lived alone.

We had a feast for dinner, and took the night speed boat back to mainland. 
That boat ride in the middle of the dark ocean was just so exciting! 
Strong winds, and speeding boats over bumpy waves with bright stars shining in the star. What a wonderful way to end a beautiful day.
Playing with water while waiting for the speed boat to arrive.

Leaving P Ketam on a speed boat

For more photos on Pulau Ketam, please visit my old post right HERE.

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Oh, but that dirty water and the kids swimming in it...argh!

Love the photos!

marie said...

It is so fascinating to see different countries and cultures. I would be afraid I was going to fall right into the water using that bathroom :)

Your kids sound like mine in that I would give them an assignment and my oldest would be totally responsible and do it, my younger two, who knows?

marie said...

My kids also LOVE reading my blog, especially when it involves them of course!

gail said...

I don't know if my children have ever read my blog! Hello, my little nieces! Your auntie g sends love and hugs!

We saw a mud skipper in a book and Jordan teases Isabella that her mud skipper is in the mail. She says, "No!!!"

Happy Christmas!!!

Martha said...

DEar Christina, I guess, they're just used to it, unlike us. I don't know how they can swim in it and not fall sick, much stronger body immune system I guess. Blessed Christmas to you and family. :)

Martha said...

hey Marie, we too love seeing and experiencing different culture and food. As for the toilet, yup...I go only when I REALLY have to...and that too, as quickly as possible. haha.. Happy Christmas to you and your lovely children. :)

Martha said...

And we send love and hugs back to you too. :) I could send a dried mud skipper in the mail, but it might not get through the customs. haha.. Blessed Christmas to you, Himself, Jordan and Belles.

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