14 Dec 2012

Bits an pieces from Dec

A brief post. Lots have been going on here, mostly catching up with good friends and family. Though I told myself that we shall take it easy this Christmas, it looks like it's gonna be a busy one again. We kicked off this season by visiting the Hospice with the Start Children. My children were privileged that they got to come along. We spent time singing songs to the patients there, and making Christmas crafts with them. The encouragement certainly went both ways. Our songs cheered them up, while we were encouraged to see their strong positive spirits despite all they're going through.

We cut out Christmas decorations together with the patients at the Hospice. Working together in joy and sharing.

I also celebrate my birthday in December. I awoke to find this beautiful flower from hubby. He intended to get my favourite which is the Sunflower, but alas, there are no sunflowers this rainy season so this was the closest substitute :). More lovely than the flower was the touching message that came with it. I am blessed with a wonderful husband.
My children sent me on a treasure hunt and I found a new pair of sandals. Jo decided to recycleby wrapping up a bag I hardly used and presented it to me. haha...:) She also made a big Happy Birthday Banner which she stuck over my bed.

What else. Today I began spring cleaning (*atishooo!!!!*) While I was cleaning, the girls  went ahead and baked cream cheese brownie for an upcoming party. Looks a little lumpy but tasted good nevertheless. :) 

Finally to end this short post, we'd like to sing two songs. Actually...we were singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and the kids thought "Dorothy of Wizard of Oz lives on a farm, surely the song must have animal sounds." We had a good laugh mucking about with the song and decided to record it.
So here's our rendition. Hope you enjoy it. :) [p.s pardon the monkey that somehow appeared on the farm....]

Finally Merry Christmas. Forgive Jo for continuously putting animal sounds still. She couldn't get away from Dorothy and the farm. :) haha....

Till my next post, Blessed Christmas all. :)

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marie said...

Oh I wish my husband would write me a note like that, he's a man of few words but his actions are lovely. Love the singing, my oldest just had a choir concert last night, all the Christmas music just puts me right in the spirit of it all.

Michiko Johnson said...

Over the Rain bow I ready enjoyed animal sound from the farm. Your hubby intended the sunflower with the touching message. I love your Jo has presented for you sandal.
Nel has you happy birthday Banner to over the your bed.
Have a nice day!

gail said...

A blessedly happy birthday to you, my friend!

How do the children react to visiting hospice? Is it for children, adults?

The music warmed my heart. A merry little Christmas to you, too.

Martha said...

Dear Marie, I guess we all have different love languages. :) I love Christmas carols too..they bring about a lovely, peaceful feeling. :) Blessed Christmas to you and family. :)

Martha said...

hey Michi :) I'm glad you enjoyed the singing. :) We had fun recording it. haha...Yes, my husband is not a man of many words, but once in a while, I get a lovely card from him with touching words. :)

Martha said...

Thank you dear G. As for the hospice, it is for adults and children. Initially they were a little afraid at seeing a particular child in wheelchair, always needing the oxygen. But they got used to it, and I talked to them about it too. They enjoyed the visit, and went round shaking hands with the patients and giving them gifts and cards. I'm glad for little experiences like these that open their eyes to the world. Blessings to you G. :)

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