18 Nov 2012

KL Bird Park

Nel had been away at camp. when Jo feeling lonely, requested for the company of Lo, who immediately, excitedly, requested to stay over for several nights. Having two young ones at home, we decided to spend a day out and headed out to the KL Bird park, "World's Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary."

Half way on our journey there it began to rain. The kids prayed hard that the rain would stop. Meanwhile,  we decided to stop by the Planetarium for a while, since it was in the vicinity. My very first time there. I thought it was just ok, although we really enjoyed the Sun, Earth, Moon show. When the show finished, the rain had stopped, and the day was beautiful and cool! :) That provided us a lovely day for a long walk at the park.

 Jo especially was really excited. Next to being crazy about Mermaids, she loves birds. She's always wished she had wings to fly. She writes stories bout birds, and we've been on many bird watching trips.

First, we stopped by Hornbill Restaurant for lunch. We were accompanied by hungry birds who eyed our food greedily! Finally, one bird, unable to control its urge any longer, took a chance and charged at Lo's food. hahaha...

Lo' reaction was quite comical. He quickly grabbed two mouthfuls of spaghetti with his hands and stuffed them into his mouth, keeping an eye on the bird, who made several more attempts. Lunch over, we began our walk. It was really, my very first nature outing since my surgery, and I found it refreshing and lovely to  be outdoors again.

Some random photos below:

Ibis building nests

  We were attracted by this blue Indian Ringneck parakeet

Watching a Victoria Crowned Pigeon

A Milky Stork drying its wings 

  Running after Lo who was chasing birds way ahead

We saw this peacock doing a courtship dance to attract a peafowl. It kept fluttering  its wings (creating a buzzing sound), and moved after the peafowl slowly.

However, the peafowl was uninterested and moved away towards Jo who fed it. 

The peacock disappointed, closed its wings...

And walked away.

Overall, we enjoyed our day tremendously. Jo was ecstatic that she got to carry several oriental birds, and was especially happy when she got to hold an owl.  Lo, however, refused to carry any birds and was contented at chasing them.

My only regret was that I didn't bring a better camera. We'll probably visit again very soon, coz Jo has been bugging to revisit, and Nel who just got home after 5 days away, wants to go too. :)

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Not bad isn't it our KL Bird Park. Don't mind going there again. But yeah those birds are really very daring. Great shot of that peacock!

marie said...

What a great day, glad the weather worked out for you all. My kids are crazy about animals of any kind and would have been more than happy to share their lunch with the birds.

gail said...

What a wonderful park! I've never seen anything like it. So happy you are feeling better.

Martha said...

Tx Carolyn. I think anybody can take a good shot of a peacock coz it is so pretty. :) yes the birds are very brave n I also remind my girls to be cautious coz I've heard of cases where birds went crzy . We love the park.

Martha said...

Haha...sharing lunch perhaps if it was something else, but Lo loved his spaghetti too much! :)

Martha said...

Dear G, yes it is a lovely park, but I'd trade it any day for your lovely national parks. Perhaps a field trip with Bells when the weather is warmer.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Thank you for stopping in at my blog and commenting. Looks like you had a wonderful day with the kids.

Michiko Johnson said...

Hi Martha,
Nel & Jo enjoyed having the company with you. What is lovely peacock you has well as photos.
Have a nice day!

Martha said...

hi Carrie, tx for popping by too. I enjoyed your photos. Yes, we certainly had a wonderful day with kids. Such days are precious. :)

Martha said...

hi Michi, only Jo and her cousin. :) Yes, peacocks at the park are beautiful and roaming free. :)

Michiko Johnson said...

Hi Michiko,
I just writing again in here because I can't do next place...

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