13 Nov 2012


With holidays here, the girls have been baking/cooking more than usual.

Nel and her cousin made these delicious scones for tea last week. Well, it was a wee bit harder than the ones we've had at restaurants, but I think great for a first attempt. As soon as it was fresh out of the oven, we gobbled these warm scones down with some melted butter and raspberry jam. Jo served us some lemonade she made. Altogether it was a lovely tea time. Yumm.

Jo's been at it too. She bugged and bugged her daddy to get her to the groceries. Their intention was just to get ingredients for some pancakes, but father and daughters (Nel tagged along too) ended up buying several bags of groceries for further experiments at cooking. Will blog about it as they experiment. Items in the bag included several cartons of milk, different sorts of cheese, wild forest ham, bacon, maple syrup and all sorts of delicious goodness. "My goodness, exclaimed dear hubby upon returning from the grocery store. I didn't expect to buy so many things!" haha. But well, hubby didn't have to work hard. It was Jo, Nel and their cousin Lyd who did all the searching, running from aisle to aisle while hubby just stood in a corner with the cart (so I heard from the children.)

Well, Jo made these entirely on her own. They were golden, and simply delicious. We had these with maple syrup and some iced chocolate drink.

Just last weekend, Nel still very inspired in the art of baking, baked Savoury Parmesan Puffs. She's really happy with the outcome, and we had it over dinner together with some beef stew I made. If you love cheese, this is delicious and takes so little time to make.

The recipe is really easy and we got it from the following book which we borrowed from the library.

Although the title says The Great Big Cookie book, it contains tonnes of mouth watering stuff to make, from savoury scones and puffs to sweet brownies, and even includes baked gift ideas. Nel REALLy loves this book, and I will have to look into purchasing one, since ours is borrowed from the library.

 The recipe to this simple puff was so easy. -Basically first sprinkle baking tins with parmesan.
-Then in a separate bowl beat 2 eggs, 1 cup milk and 1Tbsp butter, add 1 cup flour and some salt till smoothly blended.
-Pour batter over the parmesan. Bake at high for 15 mins, sprinkle with more parmesan and bake further at lower temperature for about 20 mins. So simple, and really delicious.

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Michiko Johnson said...

Hi Martha,
Nel is lovely to be back to see you made beef stew with cheese...
My friend Katy-Mei "6622.cc" she made nice Food as well.
See you soon!

gail said...

Michiko, good to see you!

Your girls are so young to be baking and cooking on their own! I am very impressed. Maybe we worry too much here in America. We worry that the children will get burned, the house will burn down, a mess will be made. Good for you!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

I'm impressed too! You must be so proud. So far my children did help in food preparation. Just yesterday my girl said she wanted to do some baking and I told her too bad we don't have an oven. LOL.

Martha said...

Tx for dropping by today Michi. :) I hope to teachNel beef stew next. :) she likes to eat, so I guess she must learn to cook. :)

Martha said...

Dear G, I worry too bout the mess. And it can be a mess!! :) I tell my kids "an important part of cooking is cleaning up." having said that, it can still be a big mess. I'm hoping with time that will lessen. Haha.. The good part is that on days when I'm down and out, Jo n Nel are able to cook for me. I'm sure Bells loves baking too. So much fun (for the child). Haha..

Martha said...

Hey Carolyn time to get one then, or at least a mini one. :) I think you'll have much fun with your little ones while at it. Food prep is fun too . But baking by themselves brings a lot of self satisfaction of accomplishing something by themselves.

marie said...

This warms my heart, truly. There is nothing better than realizing that yes, you can create yummy food in the kitchen with some ingredients and a little work. Bravo to your girls.

Martha said...

Dear Marie, you're so good at baking I am inspired by you :) yes we've discovered ma ny recipes which are simple and so easy to bake. The girls are charged and continuing with their baking adventures. :)

cell said...

wow looks so nice! i must try making these sometime.

Martha said...

ah Cell, it'll be "sup sup sui" for you to make it. haha. You're such a professional cook. :)

gail said...

No,not really! She isn't there yet, Martha, but, eventually!

My mother always told me to clean as I go. I didn't listen to her until I had my own place.

Martha said...

With time and your guidance G. There'll come a time, or perhaps a love for a different skill. :) as for cleaning, arrghh...I'm still not very good at it either. Haha..

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