7 Aug 2012

Roadtrip Johor - NANAS

We had a lovely weekend in Johor with friends. It was mainly a holiday consisting of several field trips, which were a visit to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary, a visit to learn about seahorses at S.O.S and a visit to several mangroves and cottage industries. Here's the first post about this trip.

NANAS we found out is a farm mainly for abused dogs and abandoned dogs.  How many dogs you ask. Well...we found out, about 600 dogs! On top of that, many many cats, about 4 horses, some rabbits and snakes.

So you can imagine, as we entered, we were greeted by a very heart warming, loud,  woofy welcome!

These were the first few dogs that welcomed us, very friendly, lovable dogs. In fact, they were also our tour guides and walked with us around the entire farm. There were times when we had to walk through at least 100 dogs lying down and resting, and Tilby, the large black dog would go first, paving a path for us to walk. He always looked back to check if we were following. :)

 This here is a beautiful Irish Setter. She's tall and very friendly! When you arrive, don't be surprised if she comes up to you and shove you while rubbing her beautiful coat against your clothings. :)  Speaking about clothings, we had beautiful paw mark decoration on our shirts by the end of the trip. :)

Mr. Shalom Tye was a really gracious host. He's a volunteer at the farm, and we were just amazed at the way he talks to dogs, which was very calmly and firmly, as if talking to little children. :)  From him we learned how the farm was started by Mr. Raymund Wee who's mission is to have "fewer stray cats and dogs roaming the streets, and to give animals a second chance at a happy life with freedom."   They take in many abused and injured animals and give them a better life at the farm. Some healthy ones are neutered, ear clipped and released back out because there's a limit to what the farm can  take. And Mr. Raymund says in an opening note found on their calendar "Our greatest regret is that we are not able to take in every one of them who needs and deserves a life like this."

The kids really loved the cattery which is situated right next to a pond with  Lilys (the dogs' swimming pool apparently! ) . The cats there are really beautiful, just very well kept indeed! :) 

We spent a long time just petting and playing with the cats, many who yearned attention. There were also some abused cats (cats with missing limbs and blind cats), and it's so wonderful that now they have a safe place to live.

Couldn't help but take a picture of Billy Jean who "waddled" over grass, sand, mud, blocks of stone just to accompany us the entire time. My girls fell in love with this lil one.

Well, what I can say, as a first time visitor, initially I felt a little intimidated by the sight of so many dogs at once. But we got used to it, and the dogs are very friendly and lovable. I heard they are also fully tick free! :)

It's just amazing at how vast and beautiful the farm is, lots of space for the animals to roam. It's really a little piece of heaven, and the decorations make it more homey. If you're an animal lover, I highly recommend a visit to Noah's Ark Sanctuary, and I'm sure they'd welcome help and donations any time, considering the large amount of animals they have to feed daily.

Hats off to the volunteers there and Mr. Raymund especially for this work, and thank you Mr. Tye who very cheerfully and passionately shared about the farm to us. We certainly learnt a lot through this short visit.

If you'd like to sponsor an animal, you can find them here.  If you plan on visiting, do call before you go. They can be contacted at 0197159199.

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FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

wow that's alot of animals who need care and love out there ;(

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gail said...

Such a nice thing to do. I couldn't imagine walking around all the poop!

Martha said...

Yes, too many abandoned and abused animals. Humans need to stop buying and throwing, they need to stop being cruel.
Gail: :) haha...but you know, considering the amount of animals they have, there was not much poop. Place was very well kept indeed. :)

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