30 Jun 2012


He was sitting alone, looking out towards the ocean when I spotted him. He was in his own world some 150 to 200  meters below me, away from the maddening weekend crowd. I was walking the tourists bridge with many other people who stopped to take pictures of themselves, to chat, to laugh and just to enjoy the view of the ocean.

Yet, by instinct he suddenly turned up towards me, and looked me in the eye, his gaze bold and confident. He knew I was watching him. Such is the power of God given instinct, that he was able to "feel" me despite the large crowd around me.

It is strange to describe to you, how in that moment we connected for a while. I saw his boldness, his survival instinct, his non conformity. I sensed that he  knew that he was "untouchable", indomitable.

I know not what he saw in me, if only I could read his mind.

Anyway, intrigued by his "aloneness" and confidence, I snapped a photo of him. Then he decided that no, he was not to be disturbed today. So he got up,

and sauntered confidently, slowly, away into some dark corner between the rocks, somehow knowing that I was still watching him. Born wild, born free. Not a care about what others think of him.

~How do you feel about being alone in public, let's say dining at a restaurant alone or being alone at a party? Are you able to be yourself, confident? Or are you conscious "fearing" that others may think you're a loner without friends? When I was a child, being alone carried a negative stigma thus people always wanted to be in the "in" crowd, to be popular. A loner was often teased.

Do you turn down invites to gatherings and stuff because you are afraid to be alone in a crowd?

As for me, this is my struggle, and I'm still working on it. Perhaps that's what drew me to that cat.

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Marijke said...

beautiful what u write. Being alone in the crowd.Its a well known saying.And as u say u can not be lonely when ur alone.
the emotions of the quick encounter with the cat is fantastic Tx

gail said...

I know this feeling well, Martha.

Michiko Johnson said...

It was a very happy cat,it is natures
way live in a while hope you are okey.

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