4 Nov 2011

What Jo said today

Over dinner..
Jo: Mum, you know when I'm grown up, and a lady and all.... you know, when I can buy my own house and drive my own car and all..you know?  Well..I decided mum, when I'm grown up, I won't buy my own house, so I won't have to pay for this and that and this. I'll live with my mummy (she says mummy, with  a sweet baby voice) and I'll drive your car mum.

Me: Oh really..live in my house and drive my car. Hmmm....then, who pays for everything then?

Jo: (after pausing a little) Well mum, I'll work, and every month I'll give you ALL my money. Money comes, I give mummy. Money comes, I give mummy (she continues using her hand gestures to demonstrate giving) and you can do all the hard work of paying this and that and this. All I want is to be close to my mummy, and I'll look after you when you're old. I'll give you water, feed you, make milo and ribena for you.

(sweet wasn't she? haha...)


Jo: Mum, I'd like to do lots and lots of workbooks today. I want to study hard, so when I grow up, I can go to university and then rule the city.

Me: What does it mean to rule the city?

Jo: Well..paying for lots of things?
Me: Well..not just that, it means running the schools, the road system, listening to people's needs and complains etc etc.

JO: wow...that's difficult job. Mum, I think I'd like to be like the queen or king, and everyone will have to feed me cherries and grapes, like pharoah.

something I posted on FB:
I was standing in the lobby of KLCC amongst very grandly dressed people, waiting for the Vienna Boy's Choir, when this wild child with messy hair, ran from the glass window towards me shouting "Oh gosh, I discovered I have a fear of heights." As she continued running in circles, talking to herself loudly, I discovered that she was wearing black, dirty, outdoor spiderman slippers! I was tempted to pretend that this child was not my own, but decided in the end to pray "Oh, God, please let us in the concert hall." Well, they let us in. Good concert. :)


marie said...

Your daughter is precious!!! I actually had a similar talk with my mom when I was young. I told her I wanted to live with her forever, even after I got married. She was a smart mom and told me I could.

gail said...

What a delight! (I know she isn't all of the time but it is good that you are keeping a record of these good times.)

michiko said...

Loved the all words Jo's says and you must keep the copy to shows her when around age of 18 years
awhile they are still little girls enjoy with them
without argument Mom :-)

Divoo said...

what a lovely child! every word they say is precious! :)

Carolyn said...

Reading this makes me smile. I'm sure it melted your heart. And I like that thing you posted on fb..very hilarious!

Becky Jane said...

Jo is so sweet. When my daughter was younger, she was going to take care of me...now that she is 15, she wants to travel the world...lol

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