9 Nov 2011


Pictures from recent trip to Remote Village again. (First and foremost, I'm really thankful and grateful for a few kind angels who donated items for this trip. We were able to bless the villagers with food/clothing items because of you. I'm thankful, the villagers are blessed because of you.)

Warming herself over the fire after working in the rain.

Baby with hole in heart
looking shyly at us (we visited to provide them with rice/milk powder)

To the city folk, this might look beautiful and lovely. To the inhabitants of this house, it is dark and cold. A lady lives here with her aging father and sister who suffers from mental disorder. None of them work, food is scarce.

This lady's very hardworking. Here she is with her harvest of tapioca. Still because this village is far from town, she can hardly make a living out of this.

Child drinking straight from tap. In the past, this might've been good. Water was fresh and clean. However, development in areas nearby have turned their water into muddy water, browner than teh tarik.
A mother of many children lives here. Funny how many of the men are reluctant to work, and are instead hooked on alcohol. Thus mothers have to work on farms whenever they can, and they earn about 20RM (USD5) a day...and usually about 200RM - 300RM a month.

children wet from swimming in the murky stream. Here trying to shoot a bird. They're very good with their sling shots.

We provided these children with food. Notice how this child, has not eaten the given food, but has instead kept it preciously, in his shirt, to be taken home and shared with parents and sibblings.

Even cats there share the heat from the firewood.

This goat....err.....was running away from Jo. end of story.

Many of the children there have skin problems and flue particularly in rainy season. Medication much needed.
Showing us the path to their homes
My dd helping carry rice to give. Food was very kindly and generously donated by some friends (I call them angels)

Providing breakfast to these children


Martha said...

he following medicine are the most needed and if you can get sponsor for them it would be most helpful.
1. Panadol 500mg
2. Syrup Panadol 250mg/5ml
3. Volteran / Ponstan
4. Piriton ( Tablet , Syrup)
5. Antifugal cream or tablet ( Ketoconazole, Nizoral, etc)
6. COugh and flu medicine ( Benadryl, Actifed, Bisolvon)
7. De worming medicine
8. Gastroenteritis medicine ( Buscopan, Stemetil, Chacoal, Lomotil etc )
9. Optional ( Flu vaccine that will improve their immune system)
10. Multi-vitamins /

Shanda said...

I loved this!!! Thank you so much for linking to my blog hop. Is this Thailand? I was just there 3 weeks ago.

Martha said...

Hey Shanda, this is in Malaysia. :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Martha, you are the biggest angel actually. For volunteering to visit them! Do you think they would appreciate my children's old clothes? I can contribute some medication also perhaps?

Kiddothings said...

That's so sad and disappointing to know that the men are hooked on alcohol instead of working. My kids need to see this and be more grateful for what they are blessed with.

marie said...

My in-laws spent 18 months in Malaysia teaching the people about God and helping them. How lovely that you could help out. It's interesting what you said about that home looking really cool and tropical but filled with sickness and sadness. I want to show my kids this post to remind them how blessed we are.

Martha said...

hey Carolyn, if you know of a pharmacist or you yourself would like to contribute anything from above list or clothes, mail me? I might go in again in Dec. If not latest by Jan will be there again. Thanks.

Kiddothings: I agree... and I wonder how do we help them out of it or help them change..

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome to help them. Thank you for sharing. I want to show this post to my children to help them see what life is like elsewhere.

I find it even more sad that the men are drinking while the women are working for pennies.

michiko said...

You have a gold heart Martha that admire for you very much.
We have our Aboriginal people up the north of Australia and we are help from in this end too.
So many poor people lived in the world and never end for contribute for these days.
Although to all cancer patient too in the specially this time of year.
By the way how you discover my new post?
because I have had problem which doesn't shows on the blogs Dashbord anymore.
You have a nice day!

Mini Mocha said...

Inspiring, thought provoking , thank you and your family for your generosity.

gail said...

My heart breaks seeing this. You are teaching your girls a precious lesson. gail

Jessica said...

Good for you for helping out and for teaching your children to do the same. I hope they forever remember these lessons.

Divoo said...

it's sad to see the kids in this state. and hats off to you for your help and kindness! i really appreciate, admire, and learn from these posts about your trips and the work that you do... when our kids see the kind of life that the people in village are living, they'd learn to appreciate the little things in life and know the value of what they have... thanks! :)

Divoo said...

martha, i've changed the URL and title of my blog. the new link is http://thechroniclesofsan.blogspot.com/.

CL said...

Hi, Martha,
I would like to help out by sponsoring some of the meds. How do I do it?

It is a great teaching experience and lessons for children. It will open their eyes and hopefully be more compassionate. I would like to join you to the village if there is a chance .. thanks for sharing this ..

Martha said...

hi CL, where are you currently based? Certainly a very good ongoing experence for my children.

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