2 Nov 2011

Gamelan Workshop

We had the privilege of attending a Gamelan workshop  today. I guess, it's one of the perks of working as a music lecturer. Because the room is small, they only allowed a small group of students. So a few of us attended, and I must say, we had an interesting session. Even my girls told me "Mum, I learnt so much today!" They learnt about the names of the various instruments, they read gamelan notation, and best of all, they got to rehearse and play as an ensemble.

When it was time to play "proper" music..at some point it sounded like chaos... but as one of the mums put it, lovely chaos. :)

The hanging instruments are Gong (the larger ones) and Kempul. The instrument on the ground is the Bonang

The instrument here is the Saron, and in the background is the  Kenong

Drums (Kendhang)
Teacher guiding

Jo on Saron
Dd on Bonang

Rehearsing together in a group


DJ said...

Thank you for naming all the instruments, that save me time to search for them online!!! hahaha! Den had a very good time today and she asked me when can we go back! ^^

martha said...

hehe..get Den to do her own research again lar. don't show her this page. ;P Glad you all had a good time. Next time DJ, you better get in there and play. :)

marie said...

Oh my kids would love this. They love trying new things and making loud noise. They are also intrigued by old things, very cool.

That is so great that you are musically talented. I don't have a musical bone in my body.

Carolyn said...

I've seen and heard gamelan before when we organised some events in my company. Those 'lovely chaos' you say could be quite soothing in fact. But if my son were to get his hands on them, I think that one betul-betul chaos man!

gail said...

You have so many wonderful experiences with your children! You are making wonderful memories for them.

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