18 Jan 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was eventful. After spending 3 weeks in December taking turns falling sick with a horrid flue virus and high fever, we eventually recovered on time  for Christmas. We had some lovely friends and family over for a simple dinner.

On the menu was Cheese and Crackers, recipe gotten from an American friend whom we visited during Christmas as well. Well, their cheese looked like a snowman. I attempted doing one as well, and I don't know why mine turned out looking like a bird!
Anyway...what I put in it.....
   ~ 2 packs of Cream cheese
   ~Cajun seasoning
  ~ chopped Pecans
  ~ bacon (stirfried and chopped up)
  ~Garlic powder

Kids decorated the house before guests arrived and made this sign.

After a wonderful time catching up, I decided to bring out some gingerbread cookies for the children to decorate. It was well....interesting watching the difference between how a 2 year old and an 18 year old decorate. I'm sure you can tell which age decorated the cookie below. I kinda call it "The death of the ginger bread man." hehe....
Nel and Jo were both involved in the performing arts for Christmas.
Proud to say that Nel danced well, despite the nervousness she felt. After the third performance she even smiled while dancing, which is a great achivement for the introvert that she is.
 And Jo enjoyed being part of the choir so much.
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gail said...

Delightful! Love the homemade decorations.

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