2 Jun 2013

Short getaway, Family Time.

With the current heat wave, we decided on a spontaneous trip to the beach yesterday. At first the children begged if they could bring a friend or two, but hubby and I decided that it'd be just family. Family time.

As we traveled away from the city, past tiny villages/towns and vegetable farms, I felt the tension from stress begin to ease. Once at the beach we found a spot and Nel decided to stay put on the sand, contented  to just building stuff with her spade and hands, while her dad sat with her.

Jo and I decided to walk far out since the  tide was low and water really far out. How lovely that God gave me a talkative, extroverted child to break my introverted thoughts. At first a hundred thoughts filled my head as usual while I tried to internally sort them out, but almost every thought was broken by my curious child's chatter and questions. So I gave up thinking and truly began to enjoy nature and my child.

"Mum...look...did you know tube worms build their homes deep down under. Look mum, I've dug, and it looks like an underground tunnel system, tubes going everywhere!"

"Mum" said the young one slyly,  "I'm an alligator, hiding in the murky water...come near me and SNAP!!! I am ferocious!" Jo's just lost 3 front teeth. She claims that she currently looks like a sabertooth with 2 fangs showing.

"Look mum...see the slugs. I love slugs..so pretty. See here, see here, an anemone!! It closes when I touch!"

At one point, Nel too joined us on our walk, helping her lil sister look for interesting sea creatures.

 but once the sisters are grown, 
it becomes the strongest relationship.
~Margaret Mead

"See mum, how the small crabs dig a hole" (sorry blur video..)

"See mum, how high I can jump!"

"Mum...careful where you walk, don't walk where crabs are. Oh WOW!!! The crabs have dominated the land!! They're everywhere." "Do they all share the same water hole?"
Jo thinks the little pool in between the crab holes is a drinking source for them.

After about an hour far out examining the creatures at low tide, we finally walked inwards to inspect what Nel had been doing.

A few castles and a TOILET BOWL where you get to shit in if you pay RM50!

She'd also helped her lil sis make a large pond which Jo filled with all her catch of the day..several crabs, slugs, hermit crabs and all.

We stayed, enjoying the windy breeze, the changing hues as the sun set. Sunset was amazing...breathtaking. Most people had by then left to eat. But sunset was the part we had waited for. Nel sat watching, dazzled by the colours while Jo ooh and aahed at the colours while running back and forth fetching water for her water creatures.

We sat till it got darker and most people had left except us. Then gladly we packed, washed up and got us a delicious dinner of grilled fish and rice.

Nel building me a cushion to sit on.

So much contentment can come from just a short outing with family alone. I tell my kids from time to time, some outings must be shared just by family alone, for family time is so important to reconnect. Family time is precious. It fills our hearts and mind with peace and love , eases away tension, gives us strength to face the days together as one.


Some random stuff:  Resting from a bad cough the other day, the house grew too quiet. I went downstairs to find Nel folding a huge mountain of clothes all by herself. Jo too was hard at work, sweeping and organizing my kitchen for me. These random moments are more precious than mother's day itself.

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gail said...

Much more precious. You and Ted are doing such a wonderful job raising your girls.

marie said...

I love these quotes and I couldn't agree more. Sometimes the best memories are just being together doing simple things, I think it's the love we remember.

Your daughter reminds me of my daughter Emry, always knowing facts about creepy crawly things :)

Divoo said...

that toilet bowl idea is hilarious! and that sunset picture is beautiful! nature is amazing in every sense!

yes, family time is very important, be it at the dinner table, or a short outing, or just a little chit-chat over tea. family time gives happiness and contentment.

very nice quotes. thanks for sharing!

ChloeRuoyi said...

The sunset pic is awesome! Nothing beats spending quality family time at the beach. This is our favourite way to unwind too :)

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