19 May 2013

Short Getaway - Janda Baik (Bug photography)

After the past couple of really busy months, it was really nice to go for a short getaway just to unwind, relax and recharge. So together with several other families we headed to Janda Baik just for a weekend.

What a lovely place to unwind. The chalet we booked is situated right by the river, and the sound of flowing river has a way of calming the soul, and lifting ones spirits.

Some shots below. It was oh sooo nice to be among nature and to be able to "capture" some bugs again on my camera. I'd missed nature photography so much. Some shots below.

Since the chalet was pretty small (it has just one room), some of us had to camp. It was nice camping in cool weather beside the gurgling stream.

Some of the children at play. They spent almost every waking hour at the river.

Early Morn by our campsite.

Beautiful colours, a feast for the soul.

I spent lots of time sitting here, reflecting and at the same time watching damselflies and dragonflies. After sitting still for a while, some damselflies actually began landing on my hands.Cool. :)

There's an amazing variety of dragonflies and damselflies here, mainly the colours of blue, purple, orange, red and green. That's almost every colour isn't it. That's what I love about nature...colours.

I particularly love this greenish one. Oh so beautiful and intriguing.

Was so hard to capture it with its wings opened. After several failed attempts, walla, one achievement.

Attempt at capturing one in midair. Not so clear, but I know practice makes perfect. Will keep practicing.

Finally, the greatest "catch" of the weekend was this furry caterpillar. After some research, I believe that this is a Tussock Moth Caterpillar. It walks rather fast and doesn't seem to be very scared of humans.
I guess, what made the whole trip fantastic was great company. To all who went, thank you for great company. To the BBQ chefs..I can still taste and smell the food. Slrrrp. As for the children, they definitely had a wonderful time running around, playing in the stream, making new friends. :)

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[where we stayed http://www.saujanajandabaik.com/  ]



Divoo said...

lovely place, lovely pictures. what a wonderful trip it must have been! :)

Michiko Johnson said...

The children are spent waking at the river beautiful colours for the sool.
You has reflecting and watching damselflies and dragonflies still for a while.
Your hands will began on your cod hand...
the dragonflies here mainly the colours a blue aature every colours green, blue purple orange red colours.
Wonderful place for few children are enjoyed so much times.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

What a simply beautiful place you and your family spent time at. You work so hard at taking care of your children and keeping their minds always active, what better place for a babysitter then a creek where they will spend hours enjoying themselves giving you time to just sit and focus your camera. And focus you did. I know how hard it is to get those dragonflies and damsels. You can't chase them you must sit and wait for them to come to you. I learn that for my photo I did get. All your photos are just stunning. I am so glad you had this time in nature to recharge and thank you for sharing this special time. Thank you also for your recent visit. I have so much catching up still to do after being off the internet for a few months. Have a wonderful week.

marie said...

Wow, that furry caterpillar is pretty crazy. My oldest daughter loves bugs of any kind, we see praying mantis pretty regularly but I am sure she would have loved camping with you all and seeing all of these great bugs. Beautiful camp spot.

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