4 Apr 2013

Poems (inspired by Dr. Seuss)

Both Nel and Jo attended a Dr. Seuss event organized by Learning Beyond Schooling.  For this event, children had to recite a passage from any Dr. Seuss book, create a skit, sing a song or anything related. Both my girls decided to write their own whacky poems and read it to the group. In the end, Jo read hers out, while Nel (being the introvert that she is), decided to just share it online rather than read it out. Here are their poems.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!
I wonder now, who could that be?
It's Stompy Romp, 
the greatest beast ....you'll ever see!

Stompy Romp can hardly see
Cause that's the way he's meant to be.
Stompy Romp likes drinking romp,
and  gobbling swamps in one big CHOMP!

Once some children teased him bad,
"Ooh you big fat ugly monster
You'll never get to eat me for dinner!
And may you never be glad."

Then Stompy Romp began to puff,
His furry chest began a rumbling,
His big round nose began a twitching 

And out of his mouth
came a tornado sneeze!


The children flew across the sky and

They all landed in a big fat heap.

Then Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!
He squashed them dead.

So now you know what's a Stompy Romp,
It's a big fat giant who likes to stomp,
Especially on rude little children.


I think he's just squashed me
cause he doesn't like my story about him.
(But I'm not rude.)

  Hear me! Hear me!
We've found a Wiggi Wagg
that has a wompy lompy tail.

And all she likes to do is to
Brag! Brag! Brag!

She loves drinking zomp from a pail,
and she wails like a mad little Zail.

I think I should kick her out of the house
to keep her quiet as a mouse
for I'm sick of all her wailing
and all her bragging.

@poundthegarlic.blogspot.com 2013



marie said...

I am not a poet by any means but I think these are great, I love your girls originality.

gail said...

What fun!

Michiko Johnson said...

Nel and Jo are thier poems go bhling swamps in one big chomp.
His big round nose began a twitching.

It was a wingiwgg like a mad little zail
She loves drinking zomp and she like a little zail.
I kick her of the house to her wailing all her bragging.
Your girl has wonderful time.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

My kids love Dr. Seuss's books too. I love their poems! They're naturals! Stompy Romp looks cool too. hehe.

Divoo said...

what lovely poems Nel and Jo have written! loved these fun reads. :)

Martha said...

Thank you All! :)

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