18 Apr 2013

Combining Math, Art and Handiwork

 Whenever we've extra time, we love combining art with subjects we're learning. For this week Jo's been learning about angles and how to use a protractor and compass (for drawing circles).

We played several games and went around the house measuring different angles with the protractor. That done we went on to using a compass to create circle art. This was  a little challenging for Jo at first as the compass sometimes slid about or the pencil shifted. More than once she shouted at it saying "You lousy thing!!" while Nel, was as always, cool as a cucumber (Nel joined in, as it's always fun to work on art together).

Circle art using  the protractor to measure location of new circles.One can tell the difference between children's personality just by their art work.  Nel's on the left, Jo's work on the right.

We then went on to creating parabolic curves. I found a really good website on it here -Parabolic Curve. 
 Since Jo was learning about angles, we used the protractor to measure distances and angles while marking the circumference of the circle. Then using their imagination, and experimentation, they created various patterns.

 The children worked on creating patterns using parabolic curves. Nel's the orange one, and Jo's on the right.

Once they had a rough idea, Nel and Jo  began working on their art by drawing onto a plywood board,
redoing the entire drawing and painting process. They then went on to their most favourite part, hammering  nails! Both kids worked independently, coz I'm one who doesn't believe in interfering with children's art except to provide a few comments or suggestions.

Redrawing and painting with poster colour.

 Measuring angles to mark points for nails, and hammering! They LOVED this part of it.

 Next the children used yarn to create the patterns. Below is a short video of Jo "threading" her yarn around the nails to create a parabolic pattern.

 Jo adding finishing touches to her piece of art.

 Walla, her work of art done.

Nel is a slower worker, as she likes things perfect, unlike Jo who "charges" through her work based on instinct. Nel's work isn't completed yet. But this is part of it. I'm looking forward to her end product.

 So today was a combination of Math, art and handiwork. Do try when you get time. Have fun

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gail said...

So much fun and they will never forget this lesson.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow, this is really nice! I love it a lot. Great activity for kids. Wish I'm half as artistic as you ;)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

They really learn a lot from a mother like you. So lucky of them. So early already teaching protractor? Love their masterpieces although Nel's unfinished.

Divoo said...

i've never seen someone combine math and art, and come up with such wonderful results... Nel and Jo are lucky to have you teach them things... you inspire me, Martha!

Michiko Johnson said...

Hi Martha!
These thing a just made them good happy activity for children.
Nel and Jo having a good day!

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