18 Sep 2012

post Op.

the operation to remove the tumor from my pituitary gland would be done transsphenoidal. It started at about 830am, and I came out at 1:30 something in the noon. It went well. Will recount event later in time when I feel better. Tumor totally removed. However, 1 week post op I experienced Hyponatremia . The experience was very scary. You can click on link to read, but here were the symptoms I experienced:

Sudden  swelling in hands, inability to focus on anything, numbness and cramps in body, and as the day went on, I lost senses of my body, feeling like I was walking on space and no longer on my legs. Voices seem to come from a distance and I couldn't reply to questions. Extreme headaches, chills, sweaty hands, and palpitations. It came to a point where I thought I would pass out or die. That's when I ended up in the ICU. My sodium dropped to a critical level of 114.

Was in CCU  (as my heartbeat went crazy too)  for 4 days, then 2 days in ordinary ward and finally today I'm discharged. :) i wouldn't say I feel normal yet. each time I get from lying down to sitting up, there is a weird pain in the left side of my head. I'm praying this will heal on its own. Praise God for seeing me through the whole op.  :)

p.s There was yet another assurance of God's love. After I was discharged from CCU, I was sent to the ordinary cardiac ward for another 2 days of observation (all in all about 12 blood tests in total). The morning when I looked out of my hospital room window, I saw a pair of Scaly Breasted Munia birds. They had built a nest right outside my window. They kept me company and reminded me of His love.

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Hi Martha, I'm glad that the op went well. Funny how God find in little and unique ways to remind you of His love. Wishing you a speedy recovery and I'll keep you in my prayers. Take care.

Martha said...

thank you dear Carolyn. Will visit and catch up when I feel ok to sit longer in front of the comp. For now, it's type and log out

Kiddothings said...

So sorry to hear about what you've been going through Martha. I've been out of the blogging scene for awhile and haven't been catching up. I'm glad you're finally home and recovering well. Praise God indeed. Take care.

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