19 Sep 2012

Mama's Home

I am blessed because for the duration I was away in hospital 14 days in total, my mum, dad, husband and sis in law took turns looking after my precious girls.

While I was in ICU, I know Jo (the younger) cried coz she desperately wanted to see me but wasn't allowed to do so. She confessed today to me "Mum, I called the hospital and nurse  big, fat and lousy people." I had to talk to her about how it really was the opposite coz they helped me get well. So in return both girls have made thank you cards for the nurses in the hospitals. :)

Oh Jo and Nel..well...mama's home now. I still have weird pains in my head, which I pray daily will fade. We're catching up now on stories and hugs and cuddles. :) 

I'm grateful to the following team of doctors who saw me  through it all..
Neurosurgeon - Dr. Muruga Kumar
Cardiologist- Dato' Setia Dr. Hj. Anuar Masduki
 Endocrinologist - Dr. Chan Siew Pheng
Anesthesiologist- Dr. Hari Krishnan
ENT-Dr. Ng Kee Sang (Klang)

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Don't worry about visiting, rest more, hugs more and cuddle more! :)

gail said...

Prayer is going up for your complete healing. hugging you

Mini Mocha said...

Great news! You are strong and will get back to 100 percent soon.

Divoo said...

glad to know that you're back home! take loads of rest and enjoy the good times with your lovely girls (and even their pamper)! :) our good wishes are always with you!

martha said...

thank you my dear friends. :) you encourage me, and I know, I will be totally normal soon. :)

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