4 May 2012

Photo Collage- Lines and Curves

Just a brief summary of today..today we did chapter 2 from Teaching Emotional Intelligence, and learnt about body language and feelings. Activities were mainly in the form of discussion and lots of mime. :)

Nel's been collecting boxes and making all sorts of things with the boxes. She's asked for more boxes. Will post pictures once she's finished. She's finished her 12th Nancy Drew book now and looking for more.

Jo's been working on her opera.  She's written the synopsis and divided her opera into 3 scenes. We improvised some lines today and created the story as we went along, all in the form of recitative and arias! :) (No speaking was allowed!) Nel's been helping her design the backdrop.

As for Friday Art, we continued from last week's class on  lines and curves with a photography exercise. The girls had to go round the house and take pictures of lines and curves, and then make a collage out of it. I did the same. We also reviewed the colour wheel in painting and painted our own colour wheel today.
Anyway....here's our collage work for today. All based on lines and curves only.

1) This is stuff I did to show the girls.
My first collage which I also used to review  symmetry with them.

This was my second piece of work based on lines and curves.

2) This piece of collage below is Nel's Work. She took her own pictures, and then I allowed her to edit them using Digital Photo Pro. At this point I stepped out of the room, coz I knew that if I stayed in I would be tempted to give ideas and critique too much. So, she did this thing entirely on her own, the editing and the collage. Again, it's all based on lines and curves.


3) The work below is Jo's work. She too edited everything on her own, and as you can see, she's made everything pink and purple!!! I helped her move objects on the page according to her directions. I present, her collage.  :)

Yup that pretty much sums up today.

Jo: Mum, are you one of those parents who help children colour their homework?
Me: What do you think?
Jo: Ummm...I think no.
Me: You guessed right.
Jo: ahhh...(sighing) I knew it.

While I was  trying to steal a sip of coffee (doctor's orders no coffee for me).
Nel: Mum! Are you trying to take coffee again?? One more sip and you might die! Stop drinking coffee mum!

Who's the mother now??


gail said...

Listen to your brilliant child!

Divoo said...

haha! i loved that conversation! :) lovely girls you have. :)

eddiesherene said...

Collage .. Lines and curves.. Thats from art study right?


eddiesherene said...

Collage.. Lines and curves .. Are art study right?


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