13 May 2012

A Dragonfly on my Kedondong Tree

Happy Mother's Day. Jo sent me on a treasure hunt last night with little notes hidden in various places leading me up to her pink card which says "Happy Mother's Day, I Love you." Nel wants to buy me a scarf but nobody's taken her to the mall yet. haha...

Other than that I had to be up by 5:30am  today (torturous!) coz I was on music duty at church.

Anyway, after a simple lunch, I headed home incredibly tired. But lo and behold, sitting high up on my kedondong tree was a dragonfly. It's common  to find butterflies and birds here in my little garden, but never a dragonfly before. And it's also rare to find a dragonfly so high up in a tree, hogging the whole branch and refusing to budge from there.

I had to grab my camera, and here are some shots of the lil fella. I couldn't get equally high as him, although I did try stacking a little chair precariously on a bigger chair. Well, I didn't fall and here are pictures of him.

.So this is the little fella who decided to pop by to wish me Happy Mother's Day today.


It looks a little dark here coz I was taking him against the sun. See how high up he was, I wonder why he was sun bathing like that? Or was he trying to see how much of the world he could conquer?

This was when I tried stacking chairs to get closer to the dragonfly. (Hubby thinks this pic is too bright..but silly me didn't save original copy, coz I tend to delete stuff too quickly)

Well the lil critter saw me closing in and buzzed off for a while before coming back..

Afraid that he'd disappear for good, I moved the chair in front of the branch, stood on my dangerous contraption, stretched my hand high up to get this random shot.

Well...it didn't bother him, so I let him remain where he was..happy that he'd allowed me so much time to take snaps of him.

Ah well....so I'll end here. Anyway....that was nice, just being able to capture pictures of this fella here. When I finally downloaded the pictures into my computer, I had at least 30 shots of him. Jo exclaimed "My goodness mum! So many pictures just of the dragonfly?" I know, I don't even have that many of my children.

Happy Weekend all.

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Karen said...

What a glorious Dragonfly. I love the pictures!

gail said...

Sounds like a sweet day!

Martha said...

thank Karen and G, well...it's been three days now, and the dragonfly is still there! wonder why..

eddiesherene said...

Love ur shooting


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