15 Oct 2011

Jo struggling with self doubt

Jo's been struggling with self doubt. Yesterday she asked "What am I good for mum?"

I replied "You're good at running, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, story telling...lotsa things Jo."

She chose not to believe me and said angrily "I'm NOT! Lu can run faster than me, my drawing is lousy, I'm lousy lousy, lousy at everything!!! Mum..what am I good for?"

I went on reminding her of her strengths, but her answer came back the same "I'm lousy, so  lousy!!". It ended with her, folding her arms, stomping off to my room, slamming the door. From the outside, I heard a loud burst of crying. Lil Jo crying in the room because she thought she was lousy at everything, good for nothing.

I think what sparked it off was that she couldn't write cursive like her sister yet, her older cousin beat her at running and she started "beating" herself up over these things.

A few minutes later...she came out and asked "Mum, do you think I'm good at cooking?"
I replied "Yes, you are, and you're good at many many things."

"You think so mum?" asked Lil Jo. Then she brought me a diagram she made by herself. While watching TV, she'd actually taken notes in the form of pictures. All the steps were an illustration of how to make your own chocolate!!

So Lil Jo sat there and taught her mama about cocoa beans, how they need to be opened, grinded etc etc. She concluded by asking "Mum...can you please buy me some cocoa fruit, vanilla seasoning, sugar etc? I REALLy want to make my own chocolate."

Now somebody tell me...where can I find cocoa fruit?  Also as I write this, she woke herself up very early today coz she wanted to go to the market with her daddy to look for ingredients. I can imagine them having a good time at the wet market. :)  (Where is Nel? Fast asleep..it's the weekend, time to catch up with her sleep! haha...)

Jo's been doing a lot of copying work by herself. She took a pic from Dora and drew it.

sorry this is so blur..but she's also into drawing picture stories

Here's something else she copied..and I thought, pretty good for a 6 year old?

Here she is again. She actually stalked and caught a lizard


Kiddothings said...

Haha, Jo the lizard catcher! You can tell her that's something else she's good at doing. Those are really good drawings from her. You can tell her that Aunty Germaine thinks she's a great artist and would very much like to taste her homemade chocolate one day.

gail said...

She is an artist like her mama! So sad that the always vivacious Jo would be so hard on herself. Please give her a hug from auntie g.

Carolyn lil' dahling said...

You should show this post to her and let her know how proud you are. She can do many things! Even can catch lizard. So brave.

Divoo said...

great drawings! and she actually caught a lizard?! brave girl! :)

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