8 Oct 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sales

I'm usually one to avoid crowds, but knowing that all books would be slashed by 65 to 80%, I couldn't resist, and went early to queue on the 1st day of the BBW book sales. I'm glad I went. Altogether I purchased about 40 books..and still am not really satisfied, mainly coz I only had about 2 hours before rushing off to work. Thus, I only managed to look at the children's section, and that too, very quickly browsing through only.

In mean time..here's some books I purchased...

 I love this book by Vera Williams. It's the story of 2 sisters, one smart, one brave, told in the form of poems and pictures. I bought it coz I have 2 girls, and I'd like stories that would encourage my girls to  help and love one another. This is a fantastic book for that. Imagine, that as I read it, I found myself laughing, smiling and even crying. So simple, touching and unforgettable. Lovely. :)

Glog by Nick Maland is another really cute story. I picked this randomly coz we are currently studying civilization and thought this about Stone age might be suitable. Well the story is short and captivating, makes easy reading for Jo. She just loved listening to it, laughed as I read it to her, and begged to be read to again after I'd finished it. It's about little Glog who's left behind as his family leaves to find shelter for the coming winter. Lost, he finds himself a shelter, has to find his own food. During his adventures, he meets "echo boy" "shadow boy" and "water boy."

"Mother Goose" by Gyo Fujikawa. So, I already have a Mother Goose book in my library, only it's stone aged, coz it's something I read when I was little, and is practically tattered and torn now. Thus I decided on a brand new one for my little one. And how lovely that it's illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa

Most of the pages contain black and white illustrations like the above, but also contains some very beautiful colored illustration which are very captivating! :)

Picked up the book above coz it caught my eye as I was browsing through very quickly. This is really simple reading, but what I like is its content. "My little Girl" by Tim McGraw and T Douglas speaks of how important it is for dads to spend time with their little girls. I firmly believe in that too. SO I bought this for hubby to read  to his little daughters, and hope it will inspire them to spend many lovely moments together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When I asked Nel "What would you like from the sales?" She replied "A book that will tell me interesting things about animals." So I looked, and found this book. "1001 Awesome Animal Facts" by Marc Powell. It's got information like 
-"Some leeches have 300 teeth with 100 in each of their three blood sucking jaws" and 
- "Using a powerful magnet, it is possible to make a small frog lift off the ground and stay suspended in the air. Don't try it at home." 

I'm almost sure when they finally get to this page, they might try lifting a frog!

I also added "100 Things you should know about Cats" to her collection, coz she wanted to know all about cats or dogs. I couldn't find one on dogs, but this cat one is interesting.  It  includes stuff like "The first pet cats were tamed from the type of wildcat that lives in Egypt." Other topics include Egyptian mummified cats, cat's anatomy, Do cats have 9 lives etc etc. Definitely a fascinating read!

Of course, we had Disney books, the Little Men/miss series for Jo, some novels for Nel, horrible history/science and etc etc. ALso purchased some interesting workbooks such as Disney's Reading comprehension book, which would really inspire my child to work with more interests, since she loves princessy stories.

Well...will stop here, as it's too tiring to review all books bought! I didn't get any books for myself except for one on crockpot. Hopefully when I go back next week, I'll be able to pick up some good stuff for myself. Ciao for now!


Kiddothings said...

Wow, I've already come across 3 other blogs who've posted about this sale and now I'm itching to go. Heard the prices of the books are to die for...well not literally.

gail said...

Books! I would be lost without them. The librarians and I know each other by our first names.

Carolyn lil' dahling said...

But where is this BBW book sales? It's tempting me!

Martha said...

http://www.bigbadwolfbooks.com/ link attached people. Do go..it's till monday

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